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.net launches web design survey 2012

Every few years we take it upon ourselves to build up a profile of our audience, and of web design and development in general. (We know our audience reaches beyond these shores, and welcome input from everyone involved in web design and development, no matter where they reside.)

So, without further ado, we’d like to announce the launch of ‘The Web Design and Development Survey 2012’, in association with Acquia and inspired by A List Apart's Web Design Survey. The survey takes a few short minutes, and we are hugely grateful to everyone that takes the time to contribute.

As well as using the findings of our survey to improve .net magazine, we are also going to make our results available for free, as a data download, and also present some – hopefully – inspiring data visusalisation work on our website. (Don't worry, any data that's made available will be aggregated, non-personal and anonymous).

Contributing to this survey will help us create a huge dataset, which we will then give back to the community. The closing date is 20 March.

Spread the word, and get involved!