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Corel Painter adds Adobe compatibility to improve your workflow

painter 2016

Since their inception, Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop have been head-to-head competitors, with digital artists tending to prefer one over the other.

This is all set to change with Corel's new Photoshop plug-in, ParticleShop, released this week alongside a new 2016 edition of Painter – both of which can be integrated with their competitors.

The New Painter 2016

Painter 2016 has been four years in the making, meaning there are some evolutionary changes.

This edition has improved quickness and stability of brushes, improved blending, more realistic brush strokes and more. There are also new, unique features, some of our favourites include Dynamic Speckles and Audio Expression.

Express yourself in the most authentic way possible...

Dynamic Speckles and Audio Expression are some truly interesting features for the new Painter.

Painter audio expression

Painter's brand new Audio Expression feature creates brushes inspired by music

Many artists find their inspiration in a good song or piece of music and Audio Expression utilises this. The new technology allows artists to create brushes that react to sound – furthering their favourite tunes' influence on their art and creating an emersive artistic experience. Users can play music in the background of from their computer and use it to modify the size, angle and colour of any brush.

dynamic speckles painter

Painter's brand new Dynamic Speckles feature allows you to create dymanic art

Dynamic Speckles allows you to create luscious natural-media brushstokes and realistic splatters by combining particle system physics with brush thickness control. It also allows you to quickly access a variety of new brushes so you can create truly impressive digital art.

For full information about the brand new features Painter 2016 has to offer, visit the site.

For fans of Adobe

Painter 2016 also introuduces Adobe Photoshop Brush File Import – so you can import all your favourite pixel-based Photoshop brush stamps and further customise them in Painter – giving Corel a step ahead of the game!

Further to this, the new Photoshop Plug-in, ParticleShop (also compatible with Adobe Lightroom, Corel PaintShop Pro and Corel PHOTO-PAINT and other photo-editing software) allows users to create specific photo-realistic effects by bringing the power of Painter's brush engine.

With full tablet AND mouse configuration, it is easy to merge your love of Corel's digital art expertise with Adobe software. For more information and to buy ParticleShop visit the site.

Words: Alice Pattillo

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