10 web designers’ business cards you'll want to keep

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In this interconnected social media age, it’s perhaps surprising that old fashioned paper-based ways to keep in touch and spread your network are still so important. 

But important they remain, and for the creative a business card is a blank canvas on which to showcase a little of your personality, not to mention your design smarts.

Here we showcase 10 inspiring business cards for web designers. If you spotted others in the wild you think are better, please feel free to share in the comments below!

01. Rocksauce Studios

Rockauce Studios' sci-fi themed business card would certainly stand out in your wallet

Run by one-time Hollywood movie director Q Manning, Rocksauce Studios is a leading app company based in Austin, Texas. The studio's goal for its 2015 business card was to make something that people would remember, and we’d say they nailed it with this intricate sci-fi design. You can see more of the cards, and how they were created here.

02. Matt Imus

Matt Imus brings the spirit of web semantics to his physical business card

Matt Imus is a user experience designer and researcher based in Seattle who creates web and mobile apps. We love how his business card segments the relevant information in a way that will strike a chord with anyone who works with code. 

03. We Are Designers

The studio is called We Are Designers, and they prove it with this cute little cube

A digital design Studio in Colombo, We Are Designers wanted a business card that would stand out. And Hash Milhan took that instruction quite literally by creating this cute little cube-style card. Who wouldn’t want one of these little beauties on their desk?

04. Nishant Kothary

These quirky cards are a doggone work of art

Another Seattle-based web designer, Nishant Kothary spent many years at Microsoft but recently left to start his own husband and wife operation, We Are Minky. These quirky cards, printed by Mandate Press on 220# Cranes Lettra with red edges, feature a Weimaraner, which Kothary stippled on paper before transferring to Illustrator.

05. Spruce

This Sydney agency’s cards are a polished slice of perfection

Spruce is a full service digital agency based in Sydney, Australia, that believes that “if a great idea isn’t brought to life with passion and perfection, then it will go to waste”. And it looks like they practise what they preach: these sophisticated business cards look like a slice of stylish perfection to our eyes.

06. Zach Stuck

There’s a sense of knowing fun to this minimal card

Wisconsin-based web designer and developer Zach Stuck dropped out of college during his sophomore year to start his own business, and hasn’t looked back since. This business card, with its minimal monogram and in-jokey reverse side, featuring fake bits of code in faint greyed-out text, was designed by a friend, Colorado-based designer Alexander Ramsey.

07. Jesse Chapo

Who said business cards have to be dry and boring?

Having worked at Fanpics, Spritzr and MTV, Jesse Chapo aka Chapolito is currently a senior product designer at Life360. With a beautiful satin finish and spot UV on the picture and the big logo, this card is a few years old now; but we still couldn’t resist including it here, because its colourful sense of energy and fun puts a real smile on our faces. Who said web design had to be dull?

BitCookie takes the biscuit with these baking-themed business cards

Another business card concept with an imaginative sense of fun, these kooky (cookie) cards were designed by North Carolina agency BitCookie. The baking theme carries through to their website, so don’t click the link if you’re feeling hungry and it’s hours till lunch...

09. Vrrb

You can’t miss Vrrb’s colourful business cards

Vrrb Interactive is a full-service digital creative agency based in Los Angeles. These colourful custom cards and other stationery were designed for them by Jan Vranovský, a Czech designer based in Tokyo.

10. Fuzz Interactive

These sumptuous card were printed by a specialist letterpress studio

Fuzz Interactive is a small, but versatile design & development agency based in Portland, Oregon who like bringing high quality design & clean code to products and brands. These sumptuous cards were designed by printed by specialist letterpress studio Keegan & Co, using a flood of red ink and a blind deboss to overlay the geometric texture.