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30 life skills every designer should master

The life of a happy and fulfilled designer is all about learning new skills and pushing your creative energy in new directions. And what better way to start 2019, right? But there are certain core talents everyone needs to know to get the most out of life. That's the message behind this infographic from Business Insider, which runs through 30 of the most important traits every 'grown up' should have under their belt.

Ranging from money management tips to interpersonal skills, this infographic also includes artistic talents, such as getting stuck into some Photoshop tutorials. While some of these skills are a bit more difficult than others (learning a foreign languages requires a bit of travel before it truly sticks), it's worth noting that there isn't an age target on this infographic. As long as you're pushing yourself and trying new things, it's all good.

While there are undoubtedly useful skills on this infographic, we can't help but think that there needs to some more artistic entries. Especially seeing as making art – any art – has been proven to improve a person's mental wellbeing. Click the image below for a larger version and see how many of these skills you already own. 

Click the icon in the top right of the infographic to see the full-sized version

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