5 steps to planning a successful website

The clock reads 1:30am and you just want to go to bed. You’re working from home, sitting at your computer, drawing shapes, editing filters and experimenting with typography but the design just isn’t coming together. You move a box to the right. You move it back. You’ve built a career on creating beautiful and user-friendly websites, so why is the design always a struggle?

It’s a problem that most, if not all of us have come up against many times in our careers. We call it creative block. And therein lies the problem. Because making websites that people will find easy to use – websites that encourage people to convert – is not about creativity. It’s about planning. And research. And putting the end user ahead of the design.

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Anna Stout is the owner of the web design and marketing agency Astute Communications. She also serves as a mentor, and is a nationally recognised speaker.