The best Pride logos this year

Rounding up the best Pride logos of 2023 has been a tougher ask than in previous years. It seems that more than a few brands have decided that doing even the bare minimum is too much like work, or too much of a ‘statement’, and have resolved to simply keep their heads down. 

Some of the brands featured in our round-up of 2022’s best Pride logos haven't made much of a fuss at all in 2023. We haven't even had a cringeworthy new Coca-Cola bottle or a two-bottomed Whopper for goodness' sake. 

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Jon Stapley

Jon is a freelance writer and journalist who covers photography, art, technology, and the intersection of all three. When he's not scouting out news on the latest gadgets, he likes to play around with film cameras that were manufactured before he was born. To that end, he never goes anywhere without his Olympus XA2, loaded with a fresh roll of Kodak (Gold 200 is the best, since you asked). Jon is a regular contributor to Creative Bloq, and has also written for in Digital Camera World, Black + White Photography Magazine, Photomonitor, Outdoor Photography, Shortlist and probably a few others he's forgetting.