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The best GoPro Cyber Monday deals

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Our editors search through thousands of deals to unearth the best prices from the most trustworthy retailers. You can support us by clicking these independently selected links, as we may earn a commission on any purchase you make - but at no extra cost to you. 

The big day is here! Welcome to our Cyber Monday GoPro page – where we’re posting the very best GoPro Cyber Monday deals, as soon as they appear. 

GoPros certainly aren't cheap. But we've been busy hunting down the best GoPro Cyber Monday deals, and you'll find today's best offers right here on this page.

GoPro tends to keep things fairly simple with its range of cameras. Currently, its site features just four models: the GoPro HERO7 in black, white and silver (they're the top, middle and bottom-range models, respectively) and the 360-degree GoPro Fusion. However, it's the older models that are likely to get the best deals. 

Your best Cyber Monday strategy is about having a clear idea of exactly which model you want and how much you're prepared to pay for it, and judge accordingly. The right deal for you may already be out there. Read on for the best GoPro Cyber Monday deals right now...

Latest GoPro Cyber Monday deals

US: Cyber Monday GoPro deals

GoPro Hero: $199.99 $129.99 at Best Buy
Don't worry – this isn't the original GoPro Hero, but a 2018 version. And it's an awesome budget version of the action camera, offering excellent HD footage and decent image quality at much less than its siblings. Best Buy has knocked the price down even further this Cyber Monday, to around $130.
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GoPro Hero7 Black: $399 + free $50 gift card at Walmart
There isn't much in the way of Cyber Monday GoPro deals on the new Hero7, but if you regularly shop at Walmart how about this: right now you'll get a free $50 gift card with your purchase. The GoPro itself is at its regular price of $399.
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GoPro Hero7 Silver: $299.99 $229 at Amazon
Save $70.99: You can pick up the 10MP GoPro Hero7 Silver for just under $230 from Amazon right now. This digital action camera is tough, tiny and totally waterproof. And this is an unexpected Cyber Monday GoPro deal, knocking around 25% off the usual price.
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GoPro Hero7 White: $199 $179 at Walmart
Save $20:
Not a massive discount by any means, but this is the best GoPro Cyber Monday deal we've seen on the newest White model. This GoPro offers a 10MP still camera and solid 60fps 1080p video.
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GoPro Hero6 Black: $349 $319.99
Save $30: The next best thing to a brand new Hero7 Black, this older model will shoot 4K video at 60fps, and for the perfect slow motion shot it'll do 1080P at 240fps. Grab a discount over at B&H.
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GoPro Hero5 Black: $299.99 $214.94
Save $85.05: The Hero5 Black's starting to show its age, but if you can cope with just 30fps in 4K mode and 120fps in 1080P then hey, we think you'll get on with it just fine, especially at this price.
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GoPro Fusion 360: $699.99 $599.99
Save $100: GoPro's 360 camera can be a bit of a pain to use but it takes amazing spherical photos; B&H has knocked $100 off the price and is throwing in a free GorillaPod with GoPro mount too.
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UK: Cyber Monday GoPro deals

GoPro HERO5 Action Camera Bundle: £329 £249.99
Save £79.01:
This powerful, waterproof camera records 4K video and has GPS, and the best bit is this bundle comes with all the kit you need. And there's almost £80 off!
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GoPro Hero7 Silver: £279 £219 at John Lewis
Save £60: Right now you can pocket a 10MP Hero7 Silver for a brilliant £219 in this awesome Cyber Monday GoPro deal. That’s a sweet £60 discount on a brand new action camera. And there's a 2-year guarantee included.
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GoPro Hero7 Black: £379.99 £305.99 at eGlobal Central
Save £74:
The Hero7 Black is the highest-specced (and most expensive) of the new-generation GoPro range. It comes with 12MP, will shoot at 8x slo-mo, and offers HyperSmooth Video and live streaming. Snap one up for just over £300 at eGlobal Central.
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GoPro Fusion Black £649.99 £559 at Amazon
Save £115: The high-end Fusion 360 camera can take 18MP spherical photos and is waterproof up to 5m. This Amazon Cyber Monday offer takes the price down to just under £560.
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GoPro Hero (2018): £199.99 £149.99 at Very
Save £50:
Don't worry – this isn't GoPro's original Hero, it's the vastly improved 2018 model. It doesn't offer 4K shooting, but you do get 60fps at at 1080p. And it's a mega-bargain with this GoPro Black Friday deal.
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GoPro Karma Light quadcopter: £869 £654.99 at Very
Save £214:
This compact, folding drone enables you to turn your GoPro Hero5 into an aerial imaging tool. It's designed to stay in the air for up to 20 minutes, controlled via an intelligent, game-style controller.
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GoPro Hero7 Black deals

GoPro’s flagship action camera, the Hero7 Black, sets a new benchmark for action cameras. Aside from its gorgeous 4K video footage, its main selling point is the introduction of image stabilization technology HyperSmooth, which eliminates shake video. TimeWarp, too, is a great new feature that lets you create a silky-smooth TimeLapse while walking around a scene - you don’t need a tripod. This is easily the best action camera you can buy right now. 

GoPro Hero7 Silver deals

The mid-range GoPro Hero7 Silver replaced the Hero5 Black in September 2018. It doesn’t have GoPro’s GP1 chip – which drives some of the big image quality improvements in the Hero7 Black - but the 10 megapixel camera still captures 4K footage at up to 30fps, and boasts the same physical build, 10-metre water-resistance, touch display, and voice controls of the Black. We’ve seen some great Black Friday GoPro deals on this model already – and hope to see more on the day.

GoPro Hero7 White deals

The new GoPro Hero7 White is the company’s entry-level camera, taking over from the GoPro Hero. Resolution is lower - 1440p or 1080p at 60fps - and it doesn’t have expanded dynamic range, but video stabilisation is improved and it still has a 10MP stills camera. And of course the price is much lower than it’s better-specced siblings. GoPro is selling the Hero7 White for $179.99 (RRP $199.99) / £179.99 on its website – and you’ll see today’s best GoPro Black Friday deals below…

GoPro Hero6 Black deals

Since the GoPro Hero6 Black has been replaced by the Hero7 Black, this is the camera we’d hope to see some good GoPro Black Friday deals on this year. Launched in September 2017 - and originally priced at $499/£399 - it shoots 60fps 4K video, or Full HD video at up to a super slow 240 frames per second (thanks to that GP1 chip). It also boasts dynamic range and low-light performance, an added digital zoom, voice control for hands-free operation, GPS functionality and more. 

GoPro Hero5 Black deals

Don’t need the latest model? Then you may well just find a brilliant GoPro Black Friday deal below on the still-good Hero5 Black. It shoots 30fps 4K video, and its slow-motion Full HD video tops out at 120fps, but for many people this will be perfectly adequate. You don’t get HDR Photo or touch zoom, but you do get voice control and GPS - and it’s just as waterproof as the others. Plus, it offers professional grade low-light performance and excellent image quality. And because it debuted back in September 2016, it’s ripe for a discount. 

The best Black Friday/Cyber Monday GoPro deals: What we're seeing

GoPro Black Friday Cyber Monday deals: Fusion

GoPro's new Fusion model is great for 360-degree photos

GoPro is currently keeping things simple with its range of action cameras. Head to its site and you'll find it features just four models: the GoPro HERO7 black, HERO7 White and HERO7 Silver (be aware that these aren't just colour options; each model has slightly different features, with the Black the best of the three), and its 360-degree GoPro Fusion camera.

These are only its most recent models, though, and there are plenty of earlier GoPros out there that still pack some great performance and give you stunning video and photos. These older models are the ones that are almost certain to receive the most attractive Black Friday deals.

In particular, look out for GoPro HERO6 Black Friday offers; this model has only recently been superseded by the GoPro HERO7 and there's really not a lot to separate them. The GoPro HERO6 Black will still give you 4K video at 60fps, and it also features super-slow-motion 240fps video at 1080P, and while its retail price isn't much less than the GoPro HERO7 Black, when it comes to Black Friday then it's sure to see some much bigger discounts than its younger brother.

There's still a lot to be said for the even older GoPro HERO5 range, too. If you're not too fussed about having the very latest specs and have an eye for a bargain then this could be the sweet spot for the best of the price cuts.

For the cheapest GoPro option, however, look for the back-to-basics GoPro HERO, which launched this year. Simple and straightforward, it's lacking in fancy features such as 4K video and exposure control, but it's rugged and waterproof with voice control, and it sells for less than half the price of its full-powered siblings. We doubt there'll be huge discounts to be had, but what price cuts there are will be well worth sniffing out.

How to get the best GoPro deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

GoPro Black Friday Cyber Monday deals: Hero 6 Black

Look for older models like the Hero 6 Black, and see if there are any extras thrown in

The most important thing to bear in mind, once you've set your heart on finding GoPro Black Friday deals, is that by the time Black Friday comes around you may have already missed some of the best offers. Black Friday is big business for retailers and they don't want to miss the opportunity to shift some stock, so you'll find numerous stores jumping the gun and rolling out their deals in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. In short, start looking now, and don't be afraid to hop on a deal well in advance of the big day.

With that in mind, you'll also want to decide in advance exactly what kind of GoPro you're after and how much you want to pay for it. As we've already mentioned, there are subtle differences across similar-looking GoPro models; in the Hero range the Black has the best specs, followed by the Silver and the White. If you want to shoot 60fps 4K video then you're going to be very disappointed if you see a great offer on a Hero 7 Silver and order it without thinking.

Check for Black Friday deals with extras thrown in to sweeten the deal. Last year Amazon ran a fantastic offer on a GoPro HERO5 with a rechargeable battery and 3-way arm; two essential extras that you'd find yourself needing to get at some point anyway, and this year there's a similar deal on a HERO5 with a kit included.

And of course, use the same common sense that you would when buying anything else online; watch out for cashback offers that'll give you a welcome extra saving, check that the guarantee covers you if things go wrong, and don't forget to keep your receipt just in case you change your mind once the Black Friday fever wears off. Happy shopping!

3 GoPros to look out for on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

GoPro Hero 7 Black

GoPro Hero 7 Black

The best GoPro you can get

Video: 4K 60fps | Still images: 12MP | Video stabilization: Hypersmooth | Voice control: Yes | Live streaming: Yes | Waterproof: 10m

Great 4K video and image quality
HyperSmooth is very effective
TimeWarp is great fun
Can struggle with voice commands
Screen unresponsive at times
Slow-mo footage only output through app or software

If you demand the best in action cameras then you need to opt for the GoPro HERO7 Black; it's a great reminder of just why the company has dominated this market. It's expensive and has its faults, but it's great to see the company refining its gear and paying attention to key areas like video stabilisation. Great videos, great images and, great fun; what's not to love?

GoPro Hero

GoPro Hero

A back-to-basics GoPro

4K video: N/A | 1440p video: up to 60fps | 1080p video: up to 60fps | Still images: 10MP (JPEG only) | Rear screen: 2.0-inch touchscreen | Image stabilization: Yes

Easy to use
Voice control
Good Full HD footage
4:3 ratio when shooting at 1440p
No sub-Full HD quality options
No exposure control

There are plenty of better-specified action cameras available for a similar price, including ones that'll give you 4K video, but they don't have GoPro HERO's slick design and polished. If you're just starting out with action cameras or need a budget option, this is a great choice.

GoPro Fusion

GoPro Fusion

Full-featured 360 camera

Video: 5.2K 30fps | Still images: 18MP 30fps | Video stabilization: Spherical | Voice control: Yes | Live streaming: No | Waterproof: 5m

Over-capture mode
Full-featured apps and software
Rubberised & waterproof design
Lacks 100fps slo-mo
Large physical size
No live-streaming
Constant connection issues

The Fusion's less about 360 video and more about not missing a thing thanks to its over-capture that allows post-editing in widescreen video; it's also brilliant for selfies framed without the selfie stick showing, and for 360-style photos. However it's let down by its app, which has connection issues and fiddly editing options as well as slow download speeds, and its Fusion Studio software, which is slow to use and heavy on processing power. The device itself works well – and it's waterproof too – but there are better 360 options available such as the Yi 360 VR and new Insta360 One X.

Today's best pre-Black Friday GoPro deals

Here are the best deals available right now; go get 'em!

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