How to use Stickers in iOS 17

iPhone messages with sticker options
(Image credit: Apple)

Clear communication is what the iPhone is all about, and Apple has paid a great deal of attention to its capabilities in iOS 17. With a whole host of communication updates comes a new and improved version of Stickers. While you can already take a subject from a photo and use it as a sticker, iOS 17 allows you to use Live Photos, making fun and interactive animated stickers.

The updated feature places all of your stickers into one place, making them easier to access, and now stickers and emojis can be resized and rotated for more interactive messaging. To break it all down here's a quick guide that'll help you master the updated Stickers feature. (If you're looking to up your sticker game, check out our selection of iPhone sticker packs that will liven up your texts).

01. Press and hold to lift a subject

Cat walking in the grass with the iPhone sticker options above

(Image credit: Ian Osborne)

To cut a subject away from the background, tap and hold it until it separates, then lift your finger. A pop-up menu will appear, and you can choose the Add Sticker option to make the cut-out available as a Sticker.

02. Create animated stickers with Live Photos

Flower sticker option on iPhone stickers function

(Image credit: Ian Osbourne)

If you use a Live Photo the sticker will be animated, just like the photograph. After tapping Add Sticker, you can add effects such as giving it an outline, using a comic book filter, making it puffy, shiny and more.

03. Drag and rotate to use your stickers

Stickers feature in iMessage

(Image credit: Ian Osbourne)

Drag a sticker – or a memoji – into place in an app and you can rotate it, and/or pinch and spread to resize it before dropping it into place. Stickers are far easier to use in iOS 17, and more versatile too.

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Ian Osborne was the Reviews Editor of MacFormat magazine from 2008 to 2014.