Apple backs down on controversial iOS 15 app redesign

iOS 15
iOS 15 is due for release next month (Image credit: Apple)

As with every iOS release, beta testers have been getting to grips with iOS 15 ahead of the expected September release. From redesigned notifications to new focus modes, the new iPhone software has some killer features in store – but one update was proving more controversial than the rest. And in a decidedly un-Apple move, the change has gone from obligatory to optional.

The new version of Safari saw the address bar moved from the top to the bottom of the display – contradicting the muscle memory of many a beta tester. Indeed, what's the use of one of the best camera phones if you can't figure out how to load a website? 

iOS 15 Safari

The controversial new design (Image credit: Apple)

But it seems, as spotted by MacRumors (opens in new tab), that Apple has taken heed of iPhone users' complaints. In iOS 15 Beta 6, released this week, users have spotted a new toggle in Safari settings. Can you guess what it does? That's right – it moves the address bar back to the top, restoring order to the universe.

Plenty of Reddit users are happy with the change. "Oh thank god, this is wonderful," one user comments (opens in new tab), while another simply adds, "So much better than before. Thank you Apple!" But it seems several users have also managed to adjust to the change, and even prefer it: "I feel like the tab bar is much easier for those with the iPhone 12 Pro Max since we have to stretch our thumb if we want to reach the top."

But the overwhelming response is shock that Apple has actually, for once, bowed down to the internet. "I still can’t believe this option exists; Apple giving users choice. I guess hell must’ve froze over too," one Redditor quips. Whatever next – can we expect the headphone jack to make a comeback? (We're going to go out on a limb and assume the answer to that one is no.)

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With the release of the iPhone 13 (hopefully) just around the corner, we can expect iOS 15 to follow suit fairly swiftly. But you won't need to wait for the newest device – users of older iPhones are in luck, with iOS 15 breaking records when it comes to backwards-compatibility. If you want the best iPhone available right here and now, check out today's best iPhone 12 deals below – and be sure to check out the Apple Back to School sale.

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