10 iMessage sticker packs to liven up your texts


It's no secret that Apple users like their tech to look good. Thanks to a history of innovative and sometimes experimental designs, Apple have always delivered attractive products that their competition tries to emulate. (And if you're still not happy with your laptop you can always slap on a Mac decal.) 

Now, thanks to Apple's more recent iPhone update, iOS 10, you can personalise your iMessages like never before with stickers – and that has opened an avenue of opportunity for vector artists, too. 

Sticker.Place is a source of stickers for your iPhone's iMessage app, and this set of 10 eye-catching stickers below are sure to liven up even the most cursory of text messages. There are a range of characters and themes to choose from, including geometric gentlemen and cutesy critters. 

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Kuvaldin describes his woodland team as 'wild fellows who can't control their emotions.'
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These happy characters give life and personality to everyday shapes
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Walamies wanted to create a vibrant set of characters that can be appreciated by a global audience
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The wobbly Liquid Pals certainly live up to their name
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Fermanelli describes the Boompers as minimalistic, cute, and brave.
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Chapik is cute, but watch out for his angry side
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The Geometric Gang are a trio of friends all prone to random mental states
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Cheerful cloud Nimbo changes colour depending on his mood
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Chub Chub is a bold yet cute design
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The Kalimoto characters have been in development for more than a decade

As well as showcasing a range of carefully crafted stickers which you can download for just $0.99 per set, Sticker.Place is also open for submissions from graphic designers.

To get involved and earn money from each sticker set that you sell, simply head over to the Sticker.Place site to request an invite. Don't worry if you don't know how to programme for iOS 10, you just have to send your art over as PNG images and the team at Sticker.Place will do the rest.