Transform your type online with variable fonts

Typography on the web has come a long way. About a decade ago it was still woefully underused and done very poorly – damaging user experience. Text wasn’t very readable online and the same typefaces were used over and over again. People were throwing their hands in the air, claiming you couldn’t do typography on the web well. 

But there’s one man that has been trying to convince people otherwise and that's Richard Rutter, co-founder of influential UX consultancy Clearleft. Now there’s a real surge of excitement about web fonts and typography and he’s at the centre of it. 

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Oliver Lindberg

Oliver is an independent editor, content consultant and founder of Pixel Pioneers. Formerly the editor of net magazine, he has been involved with the web design and development industry for more than a decade and helps businesses across the world create content that connects with their customers. He is passionate about content, user experience, accessibility and designing for social good.