Why you should use cloud rendering for your next project

Cloud rendering has been the big issue for many artists, particularly those working remotely or in small studios. The big player in the market is Google Zync, but newcomers such as the UK’s Yellowdog are also catching on. To uncover how feasible it is, we caught up with lighting and compositing freelancer Eva Ng, who turned to the cloud to hit deadline on her final project at Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

Her project, NYC Village, is an information heavy still-life scene of a New York street – beautiful but problematic when rendering on modest hardware. “The image was broken down into foreground and background render layers, but because I had trees in my scene, it became very intense,” explains Eva. “When I did initial render tests, the renders were coming in at over 18 hours on my Apple Macbook Pro Retina, as it only had 16GB of RAM on 2.80Ghz i7. I cut down on all my render settings – geometry, shading, sampling – everything I could think of.”

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Eva is a London-based freelance 3D artist with an emphasis on lighting and compositing. She loves to create compelling imagery to entertain.