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Wacom launches Bamboo Stylus pocket

A brand new way to avoid design pain - literally

A brand new way to avoid design pain - literally

For those of you looking to get creative on the go, Wacom has today launched the Wacom Bamboo Stylus pocket - a new, compact stylus for use with smartphones, iPad, and Android tablets.

The extendable stylus fits easily in your pocket, and it enables you to digitally write, doodle or navigate more easily on your touch screen of choice.

Measuring 9.3cm, the ergonomic Wacom Bamboo Stylus pocket is expandable to a more traditional size. To avoid getting lost on the move, the stylus also comes with a headphone jack plug on its cap, that enables you to attach it to any device with a headphone input.

Modding the Bamboo Stylus pocket

The Wacom Bamboo Stylus pocket uses high quality pen tips used in other Wacom products, and you can choose between hard and soft nibs (wth softer nibs perfect for lower pressure activity, siuch as painting, and the harder nib making a better choice for writing and doodling).

What you'll get in the box:

  • Extendable stylus
  • Bamboo Stylus cap with strap and headphone jack plug, so it can’t get lost
  • Exchangeable colour rings (silver, blue, red) for individual look
  • Replaceable standardised stylus nib - compatible with all Bamboo Styluses
  • Optional soft nib (included in the box)
  • NOTE: The Wacom Bamboo Stylus pocket has been designed to be used with the likes of Wacom's free sketching and writing app Bamboo Paper

Availability and pricing

Bamboo Stylus pocket is available now, and is priced at £29 including VAT. For more information about the Bamboo Stylus family visit

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