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Beautiful new Paris Metro map is a circular delight

Paris metro map

The map took two and a half years to develop

With its maze of winding streets, Paris can be a tough place for residents and tourists to navigate. We've already seen how the subtle redesign of the London Underground's retro font has modernised public transport, and now its the French capital's turn to shake things up with this new Metro map concept from Teeter-totter-tam studios.

The main goal of the new unofficial map was to make it easier for people to find their route more quickly. While the official Metro map is laid out in a similar way to the London Underground, this new design simplifies the shapes of the routes even more to relay information as clearly as possible.

To smooth out the bends found in conventional transit maps, this design was created on a 30 degrees grid instead of the traditional 40 degrees pattern transport maps use. The result is a simple, stylish map that still uses the recognisable colour schemes of the Metro lines.

Paris metro map

See all the intricate details by clicking the image

Landmarks and sightseeing locations are all present and correct, and future Metro developments are also included with dotted line routes that are due to encircle the city by 2030.

Work on the map took designer Constantine Konovalov and his team over two years to complete, with more than 800 map files created in the process. The video below shows how the new design evolved over the months.

While there are no plans for the design to be adopted as the official map of the Metro, users are free to download the map and use it on their travels. All of the routes are clearly marked, giving travellers everything they need to find their way around Paris.

Dom Carter
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