Why designers should be attention seekers

Why designers should be attention seekers

Deep down, you already know that a distinctive design portfolio isn't enough if you want to stand out. It takes more effort than simply putting together a creative resume to get noticed, you also need to stand up for something. Doing both is actually a great base for self-promotion.

With the competition today, you need to be seen in as many places and situations as possible, and make sure to maximise each of those situations in the best way that suits your brand. It's far too risky to choose to ignore some of these opportunities.

So yes, you might call it being an attention-seeker, but what matters is what everyone else sees and reads about you. It doesn't matter if your website is the best ever – if no one visits it, all your work is in vain.

It doesn't matter if your website is the best ever – if no one visits it, all your work is in vain

Some will be better at being seen, others at actually designing. Master both and you're already a f**king success. You are visible, and you can back up your narcissism with great work.

Make people remember you

So if you win something and go up in front of a crowd, is it better to silently take the award, whisper "Thanks" and never be seen again, or is it better to have a funny little speech ready to fire off with a charming smile? Well, anything that makes people remember you and make them want to talk to you afterwards is good.

I don't have to tell you to not do something overly stupid, but you can be extremely honest, you can tell a lie, you can make people laugh with a funny story or just do a dance. Make sure you make the best of the publicity you get and more shall come your way.

If you reply to interviews with expected answers then you have to shape up – especially since most interviews are done via email, so you have all the time in the world to be funny as hell and extremely clever with your responses.

To sum up, take your space, and make people remember you and hunger for more. Be the attention-seeker that you must in a world where real competition is still waiting to wake up in countries like China, South Korea and Japan.

This article was originally published in Computer Arts magazine issue 253. Buy it here.

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Fredrik Öst is the Creative Director and Founder of Snask, a creative agency that prizes unusual ideas and real emotions, and see the old conservative world as the biggest enemy.