Create stunning 3D scans with photogrammetry

(Image credit: Pietro Chiovaro)

From VFX to video games, developers and artists are always looking for ways to achieve virtual realism, and one of the most-used methods nowadays is that of creating 3D-scanned models. The process behind this is called photogrammetry, and it’s a powerful and versatile technique that has revolutionised the capture and reconstruction of the real world into the virtual one.

Photogrammetry uses the principles of optics, geometry and computer science to transform two-dimensional photos into accurate and realistic 3D models. By taking multiple overlapping pictures of a subject from various angles, photogrammetry software develops and analyses the visual data to triangulate points within space, constructing detailed and life-like representations of landscapes, objects, or potentially even entire environments.

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Pietro Chiovaro
3D Artist

Pietro is a freelance 3D artist and YouTuber with more than 10 years of experience in different fields of 3D production, from animated movies to VFX and game production. He shares many of his creations on his YouTube channel @PietroChiovaro.