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Create a cinemagraph with Photoshop in 60 seconds

Wish you could pick up a new skill but can't seem to find the time to sit down and learn? Adobe's Make It Now playlist might be just what you're after. Filled with videos that cram Photoshop tips into minute-long tutorials, these clips are ideal for even the most time-challenged of designers.

One of the newest videos in the playlist shows you how to add subtle motion to part of a still photograph. Known as cinemagraphs, these eye-catching moving images are a clever way of making viewers double-take and notice you.

With the help of the Adobe's video, which you can check out below, you'll see that even though cinemagraphs look impressive they're not actually that hard to make. And don't worry if you're struggling to keep up with the tutorial, Adobe have listed step by step instructions in the comment section to guide you through.

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Dom Carter
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