Paint a classic fairy tale scene with Procreate

Fairy tale woman holding an apple

Procreate has quickly become my go-to digital painting app. Thanks to the portability of the iPad Pro, its appeal to me was to be able to create high-resolution digital paintings from anywhere, with the same quality you would find in a desktop program.

Procreate’s clean and simple interface makes it welcoming to new and novice artists alike, and once paired with the Apple Pencil, I found it to feel the most natural way to draw digitally. Don’t be fooled by appearances, though: this application offers all the tools you’ll need to create higher-level artwork. The more I use this app, the more new tools, Procreate brushes, adjustments and shortcuts I find.

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Chrissie Zullo

Chrissie is a Connecticut-based illustrator who has created artwork for comic books, posters and toy designs. She has a curious collection of all things yeti-like.