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The Warrior is a personal project that I had the joy of concepting and designing. I wanted to create a character that embodies the spirit of a warrior fighting for righteousness and virtue. As a symbol, he carries with him the Sword of Honor. 

To create this 3D art, I sculpted in ZBrush and modelled with 3ds Max 2014 and Modo. I used Quixel to texture all the armour and the sword, and Mari for texturing the skin. I chose to use Marmoset and rendered in real-time so that I had instant feedback for the final image. Using Quixel and Marmoset together allows me to spend more of my time focusing on the art. 

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Matt is a professional artist who specialises in designing and sculpting heroic characters. He has worked with Industrial Light & Magic, AnatomyTools.com and Outpost Games.