Toon shading: how to create stylised 3D scenes

Toon shading
(Image credit: Amir Zand)

Toon shading is a great means of achieving the stylised retro sci-fi, manga and comic art aesthetics that so many 3D artists strive for. In fact, breaking away from realism often sets the bar for how tools and software are used. With that in mind, why not explore the best software to enhance your stylised aesthetics in our rundown of the best 3D modelling software?

There are many different ways to create and develop toon shaders and a variety of different styles to explore. Toon shading can sometimes appear complex, but in this quick step by step guide renowned illustrator and concept artist Amir Zand will take you through a simplified process that he used to create his breathtaking piece Break Time.

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Amir Zand
Illustrator and Concept Artist

Amir Zand is an illustrator and concept artist, specialising in visual development and marketing illustration. He currently works at Quantic Dream.