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HTML5 cloud-based animator to launch

Mugeda (@gomugeda), a cloud-based HTML5 animation platform, has been gaining traction. The system provides an online interface that enables you to “create, share and publish organic HTML5 animation”, all in the browser. Users can work with a vector editor to create HTML5-based characters, export to image sequences or a JavaScript package, and utilise a camera feature to support shot changes and transitions.

Lucas Wang, co-founder and CEO of Mugeda, spoke to us about developing the app and said it arrived through market need: “HTML5 designers and developers have been desperately longing for a no-hassle product to produce HTML5 animations that can be easily deployed to multiple platforms – especially mobile equipment such as smartphones and tablets.” The decision to make it cloud-based was, said Wang, more challenging thancreating native apps, but worth it due to the benefits the system offers: “You can work directly in an HTML5 environment, not a sandbox or emulator, maximising productivity. And Mugeda’s whole cloud storage system is like a big hard disk for all designers, where they can easily import resources they want, not only from their own accounts, but also from the community – you can derive from others’ works, with permission, directly with only one click.”

According to Wang, the aim from this point is to enable Mugeda to address market demands promptly. “From day one, we wanted to create something legendary and forward-looking, a one-stop-shopping solution for creating HTML animations,” he told us. The app is now in its ‘preview debut’, with a public introduction planned for 17 January, which will also involve future plans being announced.

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