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Doodle art: 50 great examples

32. Jim Bradshaw

50 great examples of doodle art

By day, Jim is an art director. By night, he is a doodle extraordinaire!

New Jersey illustrator Jim Bradshaw has been doodling away since he could pick up a pencil. By day, he works as an art director but by night Jim tackles all things creative and is never far from his Moleskine. His doodles open up a weird and wacky world that often includes creatures from outer space and walking tree stumps. We love it!

33. Chris Piascik

50 great examples of doodle art

Just one of the doodles taken from Chris's book '1000 days of drawing'

Describing himself as an 'illustrator, formerly known as designer', Chris Piascik fast became a well-known face in the doodle art world. Based in New England and with more than eight years of professional experience, Chris embarked upon a 'daily drawing' challenge back in 2007. Once he'd done 1000, he published them in a book entitled '1000 days of drawing'. He continues to doodle to this very day.

34. Kate Bingaman-Burt

50 great examples of doodle art

Kate documents every purchase she makes with a quick doodle

Becoming obsessed with consumerism back in 2006, illustrator Kate Bingaman-Burt decided to document her daily purchases with a doodle. Staying with the consumption theme, Kate draws her doodles on to receipts and credit card statements. What a creative and fun way to showcase your personality and your buying habits!

35. Davivid Rose

50 great examples of doodle art

Davivid Rose describes himself as a poet and hallucinographic designer

Davivid Rose also goes by the name of jdy333 and describes himself as a "poet and hallucinographic designer". His doodles offer a weird and wonderful insight into his creative mind, including this colourful creation which took "lots of patience and lots of coffee".

36. Sagaki Keita

50 great examples of doodle art

The doodles blend together perfectly to create the final image

Japanese artist Sagaki Keita specialises in recreating classic masterpieces by covering them in these gorgeous child-like doodles. Even though the doodles themselves are simple, once you look further away from the drawing, you realise that Sagaki has taken the time to ensure they blend together perfectly.

37. Starchild

50 great examples of doodle art

Starchild creates a visual language to explain a culture which is vibrant, dark yet familiar

Starchild is an artist with a mission - to create a visual language to explain a culture which is vibrant, dark yet familiar. Using mixed media he'll "cut, paste and create from the giant pile of junk that is the Universe". Each of his pieces tells a different story and could be interpreted in hundreds of ways. We love how he has encorporated mixed media into the doodle artform.

38. Ted McGrath

50 great examples of doodle art

Ted shows that the imperfections of doodle art can come together to create stunning work

Ted McGrath basically represents what doodle art is all about. It's about the imperfections that come together to make a stunning creation. His notepad is jam-packed full of colours and sketches that span an array of subject matter. We think this car/boat offering is definitely one of his best.

39. Lei Melendres

50 great examples of doodle art

Lei Melendres' page-filling doodle art is fun that you can stare at for ages!

When artist Lei Melendres has nothing better to do, he doodles. And this is just one of many pieces he has created as a result. Fully utilising his spare time, the crazy-talented illustrator uses a black marker, neat lines and no space left un-doodled in his work.

40. Flavio Melchiorre

50 great examples of doodle art

Flavio Melchiorre created this for a Japanese fashion magazine

Flavio Melchiorre, is an Italian artist, award-winning designer, illustrator, painter and founder of creative design studio IDRO51. Best known for his distinctive hypnotic style, Melchiorre created this gorgeous piece for the Japanese fashion magazine commons&sense, inspired by the Fendi autumn and winter 2012/13 collection, designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi.

41. Andrea Joseph

50 great examples of doodle art

Andrea Joseph created this gorgeous illustration using only ballpoint pens and paper

Now this gorgeous illustration by Andrea Joseph takes us back to the days of school exercise book scribblings and random jottings. Although ours looked nowhere near as good as this! Joseph created the brilliant design using only ballpoint pens, which features a beautifully worn pair of Converse and frighteningly realistic stationary. Absolutely stunning.

42. Johanna Basford

50 great examples of doodle art

This gorgeous wallpaper design by Johanna Bashford features on the wall of Vigo St Starbucks store in London

The unique doodling style from artist Johanna Basford managed to bag her this commission from international coffee company Starbucks. After persistently sending the company paper cups with her artwork on, Johanna was asked to design a wallpaper for the redesign of Starbuck's Vigo Street store in London. Hidden within the flourishes are tiny coffee cups, elusive birds, and the odd Frappuccino...

43. Eklektick

50 great examples of doodle art

Artist Kristin Krause spent a month depicting her random thoughts through sketches to make this gorgeous homemade decor

We love the fun and playful mind of US-based artist Kristin Krause aka Eklektick. Both her home and studio are full of colourful artwork such as these random doodles titled 'Thought Mess'. For one month, Krause stuck sheets of paper to her walls and then wrote and sketched her thoughts on each. A brilliant idea from a very talented artist.

44. Rowan Tedge

50 great examples of doodle art

Artist Rowan Tedge's artwork has crazy amounts of detail

Super-busy is the chosen style of talented artist Rowan Tedge, who, believe it or not, doesn't draw for a living. Many of his designs are created on his train journey to work. With limited space on public transport, Tedge works in small sections at a time adding more incredible detail each day.

45. Uberkraaft

50 great examples of doodle art

Gorgeous illustration by artist Matt Williams aka Uberkraaft

This colourful, fun and playful artwork was created by freelance illustrator, artist and designer Matt Williams aka Uberkraaft for the Umbraco community. Keen to not stick to a particular style, Williams says on his website: "I'm anti-style and work across a lot of media adapting my work to fit the brief. I can practically turn my hand to any style to fit any project."

46. Tower Hamlets College

Tower Hamlets College tutor Zak Peric and 11 of his commercial graphics and digital illustration students were behind this cool wall doodle. Using only back ink, the team worked on this piece of doodle art for three full days, the aim of the project being to encourage students positively by using a one liner motivational text.

47. James Jean

50 great examples of doodle art

James Jean's tri-colour doodle art

James Jean retired in 2008, leaving the illustration world behind he redefined himself as a fine artist. Whilst known for his award winning DC Comics cover illustrations, commercial work for Prada, and now critically acclaimed paintings, the Taiwanese American artist's sketches are also truly to die for.

48. Chris Glasz

50 great examples of doodle art

Chris Glasz's Inception doodle art is like a doodly infographic

Owner of Tumblr blog In Doodle Format, Chris Glasz has chosen a number of popular films and illustrated them as creative doodles. Often using just a simple black Sharpie, so far, the talented artist has celebrated 11 well-loved films, including Back to the Future, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Inception (above).

We're a little in love with these illustrations, which are far more original than most of the fan art we see. It's also hard not to be a little in awe of this guy's talent with a Sharpie.

49. Heike Weber

50 great examples of doodle art

Heike Weber's doodle art fills entire rooms!

Not only is Germany-based artist Heike Weber a bit of a whizz with a permanent marker, she must also have the patience of a saint when creating these mesmerising repeat pattern installations.

Weber creates her artwork by tracing thousands of lines on the walls, floor and sometimes even the ceiling of the space she's decorating. Starting by drawing the pattern on a sheet of paper, she then transfers the design onto each surface.

They may look like pretty random designs but Weber very carefully selects the amount of white space between each line to give the impression of movement. We can't even begin to imagine how long these painstaking installation take to complete - we wonder if Weber felt as dizzy creating them as we do looking at them?

50. Irvin Ranada

50 great examples of doodle art

Beautiful use of contrast between space and doodle-infestation

Student Irvin Ranada currently studies Fine Art at the Far Eastern University in the Philippines. In his spare time, he's an avid doodler and has creating numerous, intricate doodle illustrations. A master of composition, Ranada's drawings are a perfect reminder of just how special doodle art can be.

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