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Iconic Disney characters swap genders

genderbent frozen characters

Let it go - Famous Disney characters swap gender for TT Brent's series

Art student TT Brent admittedly spends too much time on tumblr and not enough time trying to graduate. But perhaps this use of time isn't as unproductive as initially thought?

The illustration major has created a series of Disney characters dubbed "Genderbent Disney", and, yes, you guessed it, they've swapped genders.

While re-inventing Disney isn't a new concept, Brent is corrupting the squeeky clean, conservative universe and adding a touch of the 21st century.

Brent's blog, Let There Be Doodles, is a 'whole new world' – from Prince Jasmine to female Hercules, there are even gay Disney characters, creating a boy-on-boy kiss scene and a world in which sleeping beauty, Aurora, isn't awoken by a handsome prince, but a stunning princess.

Genderbent Hercules and Meg

TT's Hercules and Meg aren't exactly how we remember them

These new designs subvert the typical Disney norm – when swapped, the characters aren't the stereotypical opposite of their original state, but instead are a more realistic Disney character without the ridged masculine and feminine features.

For example, when switching Aladdin to a girl he maintains his characteristic nose (it's not swapped for a tiny button) and the shape of her new face isn't a heart-shape with giant eyes like most of Disney's heroines. And when Hercules' Meg is turned into a male, he is quite the opposite of a typical Disney hero.

Genderbent Aladdin

Aladdin gets a quick makeover courtesey of TT Brent (and some very familiar Jasmin-styled eyes)

Brent has even extended this more accepting and LGBT-friendly Disney universe into a more racially diverse one, creating "race-bent" characters, like an Afro-American Princess Elsa and curvy princesses.

The images are photo-manipulated, with Brent illustrating over the top of the original character to change the overall appearance.

While each plays on stereotypes (as Disney already does) in order to create the changes, the results are fun and interesting but have had their fair share of controversy. What do you think?

Genderbent Disney - Repunzel, Merida, Ariel and Eric

genderbent return of jaffar and jasmin

genderbent belle, prince adam, john and pocahontas

genderbent geenie and aladdin

Check out the full range of illustrations at Let There Be Doodles.

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