10 incredible illustrations from 2012

Did you see these amazing pieces of artwork in 2012? No? Then we're guessing you haven't download our FREE iPad app, Design Spring, yet! Just to let you know what you're missing, here are just ten of the imaginative illustrations we're adding to the app every day to provide you with a daily dose of design inspiration!

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01. Skinmetal

Peter Gutierrez's dragon-based illustration is stunning

This stunning dragon is the work of Peter Gutierrez, a designer and illustrator based in Los Angeles who's passionate about his work, and says he's always willing to take on design challenges.

02. The Throne

Jordy Roelofs specialises in digital art, photo manipulation and digital retouching

Jordy Roelofs a.k.a. Sysmatic is a 23-year-old graphic designer hailing from Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Specialising in digital art, photo manipulation and digital retouching, Jordy's creations often evoke a feeling of fantasy and intrigue.

03. Mash It Up

Mash It Up by CandyKiller blends two hugely famous characters

Scottish-based illustrator Brian Taylor is CandyKiller. His work is eerily child-like but with sinister undertones that ensure his work gets noticed. He already has a legion of fans, including those of his now sold out children's book 'Escape From Hat'. You can also purchase CandyKiller prints and vinyl toys from his online store.

04. Urban Paris

Urban Paris by Ahmed Taouti is a beatifully blended piece of illustration

Ahmed Taouti is an independent graphic design consultant, focusing on logo design, brand identity design and print design. His interest in graphic design and illustration started in laying out books and creating artwork for cultural groups so he tends to be interested by art and culture related projects.

05. Butterflies

The butterflies in this design are beautifully detailed

We were all about the Pointillism in 2012 - just look at our dot art feature - and here's another great example of the spot-centric skill. These monochromatic butterflies from experimental graphic designer Matt(H)Booth are a beautiful blend of the natural and the digital.

06. Crouch End Dinosaur

London gets the prehistoric treatment in this great illustration

We adore this creation by self-professed 'dinomental artist' Andy Council. He's transformed the leafy North London borough of Crouch End into a colossal prehistoric beast, striding the streets of the capital. And why the heck not, eh?

07. Spring 84

Michael Rubini focuses on print, graphic and digital art

Michael Rubini is a graphic designer hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He focuses on print, graphic and digital art and from the looks of his Behance portfolio, he's developing quite a style for himself. Spring 84 was Michael's entry for the Signalnoise Retro Poster Competition, which earned him an honourable mention.

08. Explore Strange New Worlds

Bold typography takes centre stage here

Sodavekt is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in the UK who has worked for a variety of different clients including Pantone, Abrams Books, Tesco, Fatface, New Look, and Lewis Moberly.

Explore Strange New Worlds was created for the Wander Postcard Project, which asked illustrators to imagine a postcard from everywhere and nowhere at once.

09. Freeze Frame

Mesmerising illustration is just one of many stunning pieces on our free app

Scott Oppenheim is an interactive designer living and working in Washington DC who specialises in web design, online advertising, e-mail marketing and Flash animation. He pursues generative artwork as a hobby, and we think this piece is just stunning.

10. Fluid Animals: Caiman Crocodile

Ben the Illustrator's stand-out style is at the heart of this croc

Ben the Illustrator has an affinity with nature; "trees, flowers, animals, birds, streams, oceans, rainbows, mountains, grass..." - you get the idea. This cute creature is typical of his superlative work, which has won him clients including Nickelodeon, Pixar, and the BBC.

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