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Master the art of figure drawing with new artist's model


Stickybones was created by experienced stop motion animators

There are a number of items on every illustrator's essential items list, including the best pencils, great notepads and an artist's model. Traditionally made of wood, these miniature mannequins help artists to get a better grasp of physical proportions. But the latest models from Stickybones take easy, dynamic posing to the next level.

Created by husband and wife team Erik and Lauren Baker, a pair of stop-motion film animators, Stickybones is the sort of product they craved for throughout their career.

Stickybones has been engineered to withstand anything your imagination throws its way

"Stickybones has been engineered to withstand anything your imagination throws its way," Erik Baker explains. "It can hit the most expressive poses quickly and easily. Drawers, painters, sculptors and photographers can all push their art further by exploring many poses and expressions quickly before committing to one."

Originally conceived back in 2000, Erik and Lauren Baker have been perfecting the design ever since, and recently launched a crowdfunding pledge on Indiegogo, which quickly smashed its target. "We were flabbergasted, in the best way, when we made our entire Indiegogo goal in just over nine hours during a pre-launch… we weren't even open to the public yet!" Erik Baker says.

Get a preview of what to expect from Stickybones below, and be sure to subscribe to the mailing list to stay up-to-date with all the latest developments.


Stickybones smashed its crowdfunding goal in 10 hours


Stickybones is perfect for animators as well as illustrators


The idea for Stickybones goes way back to 2000


Creating the joints was one of the hardest parts

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