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7 stylish mixed media collage illustrations

mixed media collages

Laura likes to create snapshots from other worlds in her work

The creative process of creating collages has been around for a long time and can produce some of the most inspiring works we've had the pleasure of coming across.

Laura Redburn is a collage maker and mixed media illustrator currently based in Cardiff, Wales. Inspired by colour, animals, nature, old films, science fiction, dreams and vivid imagination, she likes to create snapshots from other worlds in her work. This gives the viewer the ability to reflect upon their own dreams, imagination and experiences to gather their own meaning from the illustrations.

We love that her work contains subtle hints of colour in a variety of different ways, including flowers, birds and teardrops. So what do you take from Laura's creations? Do any of them reflect your own personal dreams and experiences?

Laura Redburn collages 1

You can take a look at Laura's other collage collections, which include series' based on people, animals and patterns.

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