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For a handful of creative kids, not only has imagination kept them amused for countless hours, it's also landed them overnight fame and, in some cases, fortune. From iPhone apps to cardboard creations, here are some of the world's most creative kids...

Schoolchildren cover Rammstein

This month the online world went crazy for a video of 10-year-old Stefan, eight-year-old Olga, and five-year-old Cornelia doing a cover version of the song Sonne by German industrial metal band Rammstein. The unique performance became an instant hit on YouTube, which at last count had just over 2 million views.

The video is awesome for two reasons; firstly, there's something enthralling yet equally disturbing about three children rocking out to a song created by a band which is, let's just say, not exactly age appropriate. Secondly, the performances from Stefan, Olga and Cornelia on the guitar, keyboard and drum respectively are nothing short of genius.

A personal favourite of ours here at the office, mainly because watching a five-year-old rock out to a bunch of German thrash metallers with such determination just never gets old.

Caine's cardboard arcade

This year, nine-year-old Caine Monroy proved that a passion for the things you love and a simple, well executed idea can go a long way; in this case international recognition and securing over $80,000 towards his future.

The story of his success as a creative kid started when, to keep himself busy during his summer vacation, Caine built an elaborate cardboard arcade out of boxes in his dad's used auto parts store in East L.A. Using simple tools, Caine developed intricate designs, including a claw machine, made of an s-hook and wool, and baseball and soccer games using plastic hoops and tiny action man figures.

The arcade shot to fame after filmmaker, Nirvan Mullick, stopped at the used parts store by chance and came across the cardboard creation. Fascinated, he asked Caine's father permission to make a film about the arcade and the rest, as they say, is history.

The short documents how Caine's creation came about and ends with how successful it's become. With over 2.5 million hits on YouTube the film is said to have made 'grown men cry' so best have a box of tissues nearby...

Jack draws anything

Next up is another heartwarming story about a little boy determined to help sick children (still got those tissues?).

When 2-year-old Noah Henderson was taken ill, his 6-year-old brother Jack came up with the novel idea of drawing to raise money for the Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh where he receives treatment. This simple concept quickly attracted huge amounts of interest, so the Jack Draws Anything website was set up as a way for people to request a drawing in return for making a donation.

The site quickly became an internet sensation and the initial set donation target of £100 was smashed in just 24 hours. Since Jack Draws Anything went live mid 2011, Jack has drawn over 540 pictures and raised over £32,000 for the hospital. His story has also been developed into a book, which was published in the UK last year and due to be released in Brazil this May and Korea later on in the year.

Australian toddler named 'youngest painter in the world'

At just four-years-old, Aelita Andre has been hailed the youngest painter in the world. But there are mixed feelings about whether this so-called 'prodigy of colour' is an abstract artist with a surreal painting style or just another kid playing with her paints. Regardless of how you feel about it, something about this young lady's work clearly sets her apart from her peers, most notably the fact that her brightly spattered daubs sell for thousands of dollars internationally.

Encouraged by her artist parents, Aelita started experimenting with paint before she could walk, with her first piece exhibited in Brunswick Street Gallery when she was just 22-months-old. In June 2011, the toddler hit the New York art scene, hosting her first solo exhibition at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea where she sold at least three paintings totalling a whopping $27,000.

The precocious painter has gained prestige around the world with her work held in collections in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Teen photographer

17-year-old Olivia Grace Bolles aka Olivia Bee is a bright, talented new photographer whose intimate visions of teenage life were commended at the 2010 Converse/Dazed Emerging Artists Awards . From Portland, Oregon, Olivia uses her camera like her journal, substituting words in a diary for pictures saying she 'can't explain anything without doing it visually'.

Olivia's work has already gained an army of fans, including various magazines such as Seventeen, Frankie and American Photo, which have all featured her photography. Pretty impressive really when you think she was enrolled in her photography class by accident.

The thing that sets this teenager apart from the majority of up-and-coming photographers is her age - it's almost hard to believe that such mature photography is the product of a 17-year-old. To see what we mean, check out her amazing online portfolio.

Youngest Briton to develop iPhone app

In Spring 2011, Aaron Bond, (then) 13, became the youngest Briton to create an iPhone app video game. Having been into computers from a young age, reportedly setting up his own website aged just 8, Aaron jumped at the chance to develop an iPhone game based on an idea by his classmate Sebastian McNell.

To pull off the ambitious project, the duo saved £1400 worth of equipment, raised by fixing other people's computers. Aaron then learnt how to write a smartphone game by watching hours of YouTube tutorials and doing research online. Eventually all the hard work and self-tuition paid off when the game was made available on iTunes last June.

Since then, Aaron and Sebastian have gone on to run their own app development company SeRiiOn. They are working on and have developed a number of new products, including "iiceSOS" app, which stands for information in case of emergency and presents contact number, critical medical information and other details on a device's lock screen without the need for a passcode.

Jackson goes to Kindergarten

And lastly, but by no means least, is cycling superstar and creative kid extraordinaire Jackson Goldstone. Jackson shot to stardom back a few years ago when, at just five-years-old, his parents posted videos online of him doing drops and tricks on his Kick bike.

Jackson's most memorable video is a two-and-a-half minute short film which follows the youngster on his way to Kindergarten in which he shows off a multitude of awesome cycling skills for his young age.

Now eight, Jackson is known as the Kick Bike Kid and is one of the most recogniseable faces in the cycling crowd after his Kindergarten video amassed over a million views. He continues to pursue his passion as a BMX racer and freestyler and mountain bike rider.

And that's your lot! Do you know or have heard of any other creative kids that we've missed? Let us know in the comments box below...

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