9 beautiful artists' business cards to inspire you

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How many times have you walked away from an event clutching a handful of business cards but not being able to distinguish one from another, let alone remember who gave them to you?

When you work in a creative field, people expect something a little more distinctive. And these nine artists’ business cards manage to grab people’s attention in a variety of inspiring and inventive ways.

Have you spotted a beautiful artist’s business card out in the wild? Please share the link or image with us in the comments below!  

01. DestinyBlue

This bespoke illustration serves as a great showcase for doujin artist DestinyBlue

An anime artist from the UK, DestinyBlue created this beautiful piece of bespoke art for her latest business card. She’s since gone on to use the same illustration as a banner poster at the conventions where she sells print of her work. “People often ask is if the flowers are actually illuminated with glow paint or lit up with LEDs XD,” she says. “They aren't, but it really can look that way in low light, so I'm very pleased with how this turned out.”

02. Alector Fencer

Fantasy artist Alec Fencer created an intense lupine vision for his latest business card

Alec Fencer is a German artist, fantasy creature designer and world builder, who’s just completed the first volume of his crowdfunded graphic novel, Myre. He created this business card design to hand out at Eurofurence (“Europe's largest furry convention”) and describes it as “an exaggerated vent of my inspiration”.

03. Jessica Madorran

This quirky business card illustration gives you an instant idea of what Jessica Madorran is all about

Jessica Madorran is a freelance character/visual development artist based in Texas who creates art prints, books and T-shirts, primarily using Photoshop. She designed these stunning business cards for last year’s Dallas Fan Expo.

04. Roslee

Filipino artist Roslee’s business card features her original manga character Pinku

Roslee, aka Rosuuri, is a 22-year old multimedia artist, based in The Philippines who works in Clip Studio Pain and Photoshop to create illustrations, comics, concept art and character designs. This latest business card features her original character, Pinku, from her comic Alice's Cross.

05. Jane Labowitch

Jane Labowitch’s business cards provide no doubt that she’s a full-time Etch A Sketch artist

“People tend to guffaw when I tell them that I am a full-time, bona fide Etch A Sketch artist,” says Jane Labowitch, who goes by the monicker Princess Etch A Sketch. But that’s exactly what the 25-year-old graduate of Chicago’s American Academy of Art does, creating one-of-a-kind, totally permanent works of art on an Etch A Sketch. These unique business cards were developed with help from her digital graphics teacher, and use Futura Medium, a font available in Adobe Illustrator. Learn more about their creation here

06. Haizeel bin Hashnan

The Malaysian artist created a bespoke illustrative logo for his business card

Haizeel bin Hashnan is a Malaysian artist working in the film and animation industry, who’s currently working as a junior compositor at Glue Studios. He created this bespoke illustrative logo for his personal business card, which he hands out to clients of his freelance artwork.

07. Kass Hall

There’s a different design on each of Australian artist Kass Hall’s business cards

Kass Hall is a mixed-media artist and writer, based in Melbourne, Australia. With so many pieces in her portfolio, she decided to use Moo.com’s Printfinity service to feature a selection of her visual journal pages on the back on each business card. You can see more of her cards here

08. Paola Bazz

Italian-born artist Paola Bazz brings his love of recycling to his business cards

Paola Bazz is an Italian-born and artist now based in Manchester, England. The use of recycled material, such as printed-paper, cardboard and wood, characterises much of his artistic production, and this grunge-inspired business card was printed on the back of a recycled Metro ticket.

09. Luke Drozd

Who wouldn’t want to keep this quirkily absurdist design by Luke Drozd?

Luke Drozd is a British artist who creates sculptures, drawings, gig posters and art prints. According to his bio, “he is for art that is odd and joyous and things that are the right side of wrong”. And that comes across clearly in this distinctive business card design, which is at once quirkily absurdist and morbidly disturbing.