Artists celebrate International Women's Day


Chances are your Facebook and Twitter timelines are overflowing with inspirational posts today. That's because March 8 is International Women's Day, an annual event that commemorates the struggle for women's rights.

To help celebrate and boost the voices of women from all walks of life, the world over, artists have put pen to paper to create stunning International Women's Day tributes.

From an informative Google doodle to an app that measures how often men interrupt women in conversations, there have been plenty of innovative approaches, collectively highlighting how far society has come and how much there's still left to do. Explore some of the stand-out artwork devoted to International Women's Day in the gallery below.

(And if any dudes out there are complaining that there's no International Men's Day, it's on 19 November.)

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Jing Zhang has previously worked for HSBC, Canon, IBM and Samsung

London-based illustrator and designer Jing Zhang creates "tiny worlds and small people". For International Women's Day, Adobe Stock commissioned Jing to create the above piece of artwork, themed around the late Dame Zaha Hadid and her work.

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Nina Cosford celebrates women from all corners of the globe

This wonderful illustration by artist Nina Cosford brings together women from various backgrounds to celebrate International Women's Day.

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Do you recognise all of the women in today's Google doodle?

Today's Google doodle looks to the past and celebrates the lives of 13 inspirational women. "Although some of the women showcased in today’s Doodle aren't household names, each made a mark in her own way," the Doodles Archive explains. "They pursued a range of professions and passions and hailed from an array of backgrounds and countries. In fact, all of these women have been featured in individual Doodles in the past, but often only in their countries of origin. So today we're taking the opportunity to share their stories with everyone."

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Kate Prior's powerful illustration looks ready to smash the patriarchy

Kate Prior created this empowering illustration for It's Nice That, who are celebrating International Women's Day with features from an "all-female cast of creatives across a range of disciplines: from fashion to photography, filmmaking to graphic design, publishing to illustration – all penned by a female-only team."

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Diana Clift's portraits aim to give other women hope

Diana Clift hopes to inspire women with her series of powerful portraits. In the build-up to International Women's Day, the artist set up a gallery of women's portraits to help women at the Wide Bay Women's Health Centre find strength.

"I hope they look at the emotion in the work, and that it resonates with them," Clift says. "The women [in the portraits] are different ages, from different cultural backgrounds and are in different states of emotion. It's about women being acknowledged."

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You've heard of advertising, now it's time for adHERtising

Designer Alison Carmichael created this stunning piece of typography for the Young Creative Council. The wordmark is joined by inspirational quotes from women in the creative industry, collated on the YCC Twitter channel.

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Woman Interrupted is a non-profit app dedicated to exposing manterruption

The Woman Interrupted app monitors just how often men cut women off in conversation on a daily basis. Different artists have united to create this stunning artwork devoted bringing down manterruption.

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