63 best Tumblr blogs for designers

48. The Perfect Grid

Let's hope Clement never finds the perfect grid and has to stop posting

Let's hope Clement never finds the perfect grid and has to stop posting

Is there really such a thing as the perfect grid? Find out here; The Perfect Grid showcases beautifully-arranged websites, apps and UI elements, and it's curated by Clement, a graphic designer and art director based in Paris.

49. House of Buttons

Tumblr blogs for designers House of Buttons

The buttons are taken from almost every type of website

Curated by Jason Long, House of Buttons is a collection of great UI buttons spotted in the wild. Taking examples from almost every type of website, this tumblr blog is a great source of design inspiration if you're looking to create your own button style.

50. 9-bits

Tumblr blogs for designers: 9-bits

Get inspired at 9-Bits

9-Bits is brought to you by designer and web developer David Kaneda. Having previously worked as the creative director at Sencha and inventing jQTouch, David is a man well worth listening to.

The Tumblr is full of inspirational videos and commentary as well as David's own experiences. Here, you can see what works, what doesn't and what you can try out yourself.

51. Little Big Details

Tumblr blogs for designers: Little-Big-Details

User interface inspiration galore

Little Big Details does just what it says on the tin, showing us the importance of the little details. Focusing on user interface inspiration, the site showcases all the components that make up some of your favourite programmes.

Each post may contain details you already know about but most of the time, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the little big details of popular gadgets and creative programming. The blog also contains a job listings tab, which is a perfect outlet for aspiring developers.

52. Inspire My Web

Tumblr blogs for designers: Inspire-my-Web

Head here for all your HTML5 needs and more

Inspire My Web is a Tumblr packed full of fantastic HTML5 and design inspiration. If that isn't enough to get you clicking, the site also contains easy to follow web design tutorials focusing on CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery.

Moreover, Inspire My Web also covers responsive development, which is an important aspect for any web developer. Perfect for web inspiration, tips and tutorials.

53. Steph Sassine

Tumblr blogs for designers: STEPH-SASSINE

Lovely layout on this Tumblr

Steph Sassine is an interactive designer, combining both digital and graphic development. Acting as a sort of online portfolio, you can browse through Steph's interactive art, web design, graphic design, shorts and fine art.

The charming thing about this Tumblr is the way that it's presented. The Polaroids are neatly laid out once you hover over them, making the site interesting as well as highly interactive. There's also a questions tab, which means Steph is at hand for any queries.

54. Ely Folio

Tumblr blogs for designers: ElyFolio

There's lots to get excited about on this blog

Ely Folio is the online portfolio of Portuguese designer Elisa Sophia. It features her work with clients such as Volkswagen, Delta and Nike, which will serve as perfect inspiration for any budding designer. She has also dabbled in illustration and print design, which you can check out via the left-hand tabs.

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