Funny comic reveals the dilemmas of life as a freelancer

Who doesn't want to go freelance? You get to set your own schedule, enjoy working from home in the comfort of your pyjamas, and possibly make more money than you would in conventional employment. What's more, you'll be able to complete those personal projects you've been putting off, right? Yeah, about that...

Turns out the freelance life isn't the fast track to personal creative satisfaction that you might think it is. In this brilliant comic from Norwegian illustrator Cathrine Luzette, the circle of productivity despair many freelancers encounter is beautifully brought to life.

One minute freelancers are punching the air because they've finished their commission, the next they're in a panic as they try to score their next gig. It's a struggle we're sure lots of freelancers can relate to, but we've never seen it illustrated so wonderfully as Luzette's comic. Check it out below.

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This is how we all think it will start...
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...but things don't always go to plan
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The money will roll right in...
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...but at what cost?

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