15 brilliant iPad skin designs

The iPad has become increasingly popular among creatives over the past year; not only for ease of use but for actual design projects. If you're bored at looking at the same-old iPad design, why not jazz it up with one of these iPad skin designs?

We've selected our favourites from the likes of Gelaskins and Society6 to bring you the very best iPad skins from some of the best designers.

01. Melanie Mikecz

iPad skins

Melanie loves geometry, bold patterns and all things bright and colourful

Melanie specializes in a digital mixed media technique that we've completely fallen in love with. Originally hailing from Wisconsin, she has worked as an artist and designer in Boston, London, and San Francisco for over 8 years. There's more designs to choose from on her Gelaskins store.

02. Robert Flakas

iPad skins

Even though we're leaving Autumn behind, our love for fox illustrations hasn't faltered. This gorgeous design was created by Robert Flakas, who has titled it 'Vulpas Vulpes.' It's available for the iPad's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation as well as a print, tee, tote bag, card and even cushion cover!

03. Paul McGuire

iPad skins

Paul created this stunning design using computer programming

Paul McGuire has been writing computer programs since the mid-1970s, when computer graphics consisted of overlapping Xs, @s, and .s on a computer printer.

In the mid-'80s, Paul was experimenting with a fractal distortion of rectangles and triangles and in 2008, he revisited his program, this time adding a colour spectrum to the fractal distortion process and running it at very high resolutions. The result is these great iPad skins!

04. Adam Grey

iPad skins

This design by Adam Grey perfectly combines colour, typography, and Tyler Durden

If you've had a chance to take a look at our top 10 examples of kinetic typography, you'll already be aware of our love for Fight Club - especially when font is involved.

This design by Adam Grey perfectly combines colour, typography, and Tyler Durden for a brilliant iPad skin design. As usual on Society 6, you can also get it in a range of other products including iPhone skins and hoodies.

05. Sirron Norris

iPad skins

We love the style of this Octocat illustration!

Recommended by one of our lovely Twitter followers, this iPad case was designed by San Francisco artist Sirron Norris. Creating the Octocat in his signature style, this iPad skin has already proved a big hit among creatives.

06. Nanami Cowdroy

iPad skins

Much of Nanami's graphic design consists of contrasting characters and shapes

Nanami Cowdroy was born in Sydney, Australia with close bonds to her mixed Japanese-European heritage. These contrasting cultures have proved a huge influence upon Nanami's work, with much of her graphic design consisting of contrasting characters and shapes. This has proved to be one of the most popular iPad skins.

07. Melissa Smith

iPad skins

Melissa has also created iPad skins of Spider-Man, Pikachu and more...

We love a good homage to any superhero here at Creative Bloq and Melissa Smith sure knows how to pull off a great one. We love this illustration of Captain America and it doesn't stop there. She has also created iPad skins in this style featuring Spider-Man, Pikachu, and the rest of the Avengers clan.

08. Katie So

iPad skins

This weird and wacky illustration is entitled 'In Your Face'

This is an iPad skin for those of us that suffer from a little tablet rage from time-to-time. Or it could be an alternative to a 'do not disturb' sign when you're in the thrusts of creativity. Designed by Katie So, we absolutely love this weird and wonderful illustration, entitled 'In Your Face'. Don't mess with this one!

09. Enkel Dika

iPad skins

This is an iPad skin for any Star Wars lover - or hater for that matter!

We can't seem to do a list feature these days without featuring a tribute to Star Wars but COME ON, this one is just great. This illustration entitled 'Recycled Future' was designed by Enkel Dika and did make us feel just a teeny, weeny bit sad. This is an iPad skin for any Star Wars lover - or hater for that matter!

10. Charley Harper

iPad skins

Charley calls his illustration style 'minimal realism'

This cute and quirky wildlife design comes from illustrator Charles Harper. He calls his style 'minimal realism', saying that he never concentrates on the feathers or fur. Instead, he just counts the wings and lets the drawings speak for themselves. We love his choice of colours in this one!

11. Victor Vercesi

iPad skins

This stunning illustration is a perfect iPad skin for any Ghibli fan

This is an iPad skin for any Studio Ghibli fan. Designed by Victor Vercesi, the illustration is a stunning homage to Hayao Miyazaki's 1988 feature-length film 'My Neighbour Totoro'. The beautiful scenic illustration tied in with the lovable character of Totoro makes this iPad skin an absolute must-have.

12. Ali Gulec

iPad skins

This is one design that will certainly catch your eye

When scrolling through the array of iPad skin designs, this is one that immediately caught our eye. Designed by Istanbul based illustrator Ali Gulec, this impressive and mind-altering image will certainly give your iPad some serious originality points.

13. Dan Elijah G Fajardo

iPad skins

An iPad skin that combines brilliant typography with an inspiring message

Are you the type of creative that sometimes needs a little bit of encouragement from time-to-time? Don't worry, we've all been there and this typography based iPad skin from designer Dan Elijah G Fajardo is the perfect solution. Brilliant fonts teamed with an inspiring message - what more could you want?

14. Chris Piascik

iPad skins

Love Steve Jobs and typography? Head this way!

If you've got any sort of iPad, whether it's a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or Mini generation, chances are you'll be a fan of the late Steve Jobs. If that's the case, then this iPad skin from designer Chris Piascik will be the perfect addition to your iPad accessories.

15. Mike Boon

iPad skins

Do you recognise all these Pixar characters?

If you're a Pinterest user, there's a chance that you may have come across this design already. Created by illustrator Mike Boon, this Pixar alphabet features some of our best loved Pixar characters throughout the years. He had also created alphabets for Harry Potter, The Simpsons, The Muppets, and more!

More for your iPad:

That's it for now! Please let us know if you've seen any brilliant iPad skin designs in the comments box below!

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