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Master the art of JavaScript with Star Wars characters

Star Wars JavaScript BB

Aspiring coders use drag-and-drop JavaScript to move BB8 around

With computer programming becoming an increasingly important skill to learn, it makes sense that code is introduced to people at a young age. Non-profit makes code more accessible to students, and its latest offering is this Star Wars themed tutorial.

By guiding the popular Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB8 droid with drag-and-drop blocks, users can get a hang of basic JavaScript commands.

Along the way Rey will set challenges and offer advice. As users complete tasks, they'll be treated to videos from engineers who worked on The Force Awakens that detail different areas of the wide world of coding.

Currently available as an English only beta, a new version for tablets and smartphones in different languages is on the way. With an hour's worth of Star Wars-themed lessons and challenges to enjoy, this is the perfect way for children and adults to start their coding journey.

Star Wars JavaScript

The tutorial is broken down into 15 different challenges

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