jQuery Standards Team gives devs a say

Communicate with web standards bodies via the jQuery Standards Team

Discussions about how to define web standards tend to be dominated by browser vendors, so it can be hard for individual developers who want to participate to get their say.

In a bid to give a voice to web developers, the jQuery project has created the jQuery Standards Team, which seeks to represent developers to standards bodies and browser vendors. It is led by Yehuda Katz and Paul Irish.

Addy Osmani wrote in an announcement on the jQuery blog: "This marks a large change in the way the web developer community is able to submit feedback and influence both standards bodies and specifications. By lowering the barrier of entry to having suggestions and issues about current implementations heard, we hope to encourage more developers with an interest in dealing with standards bodies and browser vendors an opportunity to participate in the process."

The post recommends that you sign up for the Google Group, and you can also report and comment on things at the Github repo.