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WATCH THIS! 'Don't Worry, Drive On' motion graphic

The hugely important and controversial topics of fossil fuel use and the global economy are not easy to simplify without patronising, confusing, appearing frivolous, or missing out crucial elements. These potential pitfalls have been beautifully and skilfully avoided in this motion graphic by San Francisco-based design company Monstro for the Post Carbon Institute.

'Don't Worry, Drive On: Fossil Fools & Fracking Lies' is created for the Californian sustainability think tank to communicate the message warning about the issues surrounding 'unconventional oil', which is increasingly seen as the potential saviour of our fossil fuel-powered culture.

Oil for one

As with all great examples of information graphics, clarity and simplicity are at the core of this animation, with smooth transitions and crisp design from Alexander Perry and Michael Wilson, subtle sound from Ben Roider and production by Dalton Crosthwait.

Monstro's involvement is more than merely contractual; the company truly believes in the message that the infographic is sending out. "There's a lot we could be doing to reduce how much oil we consume," their website says, "hopefully this little ditty convinces more people that they have the ability to reduce their consumption."

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