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3 top web design tools to add to your workflow

Chris Coyier is a designer at CodePen and a writer for CSS-Tricks. A demure character, Coyier is also hosts the live podcast Shop Talk Show. Here he shares his three must-have web design tools.

01. liCeCap

Top web design tools

Make animated GIFs with Cockos International's LICEcap

Cockos Incorporated's LICEcap is a very simple and easy-to-use tool for creating animated GIFs from areas of your screen. I find that a quick animated GIF can drive home a concept very effectively in blog posts and documentation.

02. Sublimelinter

Top design tools

Lint your code with Sublimelinter

This adds code linting to Sublime Text – for instance, checking your JavaScript with JSHint. It's a bit maddening at first, seeing all the errors right in your editor but now I'm enjoying writing good quality code straight away, rather than fixing errors later.

03. CodeKit

Top design tools

CodeKit helps you design websites faster and better

The web server included in Version 2 is a powerful upgrade. It's great being able to have the iOS simulator open with your website open in Mobile Safari, writing in Sass, and watching the new styles get injected into the page without even touching it.

Words: Chris Coyier

This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 256.