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6 new things every web designer should own

Got a bit of money burning a hole in your pocket? After a hard day wrestling with responsive web design and Drupal themes, it's nice to treat yourself to that'll help you be a better web designer. So once more we've rounded up six things that we think you'll love, but which will also be useful instead of just being pointless designer tat. Enjoy!

01. Web Design for Babies

Web Design for Babies is a cute book designed to teach toddlers how the web works.

02. Leafsnap

Leafsnap – developed by the National History Museum – is a clever iOS app that visually identifies leaves.

03. 20 Day Stranger

20 Day Stranger is an experimental iPhone app that swaps the user's day-to-day experiences with those of an anonymous stranger.

04. Chadder

Bankrolled by John McAfee, Chadder is a super-secure encrypted chat app for Android, designed to keep the NSA at bay.

05. Nicely Said

Nicely Said by Kate Kiefer Lee and Nicole Fenton is a fantastic, practical and elegant guide to improving your web writing.

06. Waygo

Waygo translates Chinese and Japanese into English in real time. It's genius. Try it.

This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 256.

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