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CSSmatic toolkit brings new design tools

The people behind recent creation CSSmatic have their sights set on creating the "ultimate CSS toolkit" for web designers.

The site currently comprises four tools, which enable you to create gradients, border-radiuses, noise textures and box shadows. Each of the tools provides a real-time preview, and specific features have been provided for speeding up workflows, including SASS support in the gradient generator and fallback prefixes in the code output for those designers who use such things.

The tools also provide a level of flexibility: the gradient generator enables you to add seemingly unlimited stops and the noise generator provides the means to amend foreground and background colours, opacity and density. founder Alejandro Snchez Blanes co-created the site and told .net CSSmatic was "a non-profit toolkit created by developers for developers,” with the simple aim of “making work a bit easier for anyone who has to deal with CSS, from beginners to professionals”.

Blanes added that he considered the most remarkable tools the gradient and noise generators, and these also happen to be the most used. However, he was keen to stress that the site’s not yet finished.

“This project has been developed for fun with the idea of contributing to the developer community, and recently several developers have joined the project as volunteers,” he said. “As a result of this, we’re hoping to have two new tools in a couple of months. They’ll have something to do with animations and CSS transitions and we’re working very hard to meet expectations,” he added.