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This elegant shaving site is perfectly groomed

Why does this site for razors make me feel so warm and fuzzy? Maybe it's the copywriting: "Harry's was built out of respect". Maybe it's the fact that the founders, "friends since college", obviously understand the importance of great design. I hope that it's the great work they do for charity, but it may just be the beautiful product shots and elegant path to purchase! It's just an ecommerce website for razors, but it's so well thought out and designed by the cool Partners & Spade that it makes me want to buy a very expensive men's razor!

It's complicated to create something so simple. Dynamically interactive content utilises motion and video to gently guide you through the site. The focus is on beautiful photography (both lifestyle and product), rather than shouting, 'Buy me here!'.

Jeff Raider, Harry's founder, says, "What makes Harry's special is the straightforward path to purchase (to try to make it easy to find and select core products) with opportunities to diverge from purchase flow to explore brand story, social mission, and content (like our magazine)." The magazine smacks of MR PORTER with its elegant interactions and typography, and well-crafted articles on grooming. It's what keeps me coming back. That and its very clever email marketing.

Words: Ros Horner

Ros is a senior designer at digital agency SapientNitro. Based in London, she spends her days designing websites and apps, and her nights trying not to look at a computer. This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 250.