Skip to main content given major overhaul has launched a revamp, which is currently in beta. The organisation explained the site already had many great fonts that designers found inspiring, and the redesign was driven by wanting a website equally as inspiring as the typefaces it presents.

Most changes enhance usability, creativity and community. The revamped home page has a large billboard, showcasing a typeface, and a tabbed area provides further options. Down the page, further links are provided to best-selling and featured fonts that delve deeper into the catalogue, shining a light on high-quality typefaces that might not have been seen in a while. There's also a new emphasis on making content discoverable, through links to designer profiles, educational resources, community-created content, and galleries on typeface pages.

Web designers and developers are well catered for by further improvements in the site. Web fonts have been directly integrated, rather than being placed on a sub-domain, providing a single location to visit for both desktop and web fonts. New search functionality enables you to pinpoint specific fonts or just browse, when you've nothing in mind; when results are presented, they're aggregated by family, and you can narrow a list to web fonts by clicking a tab.

All results provide a live preview, where you can enter a string of custom text, but web fonts also enable you to preview how type renders in a range of browsers and platforms. Font management for web projects is also improved: a single location now houses relevant options, enabling you to add fonts to active projects, add and edit CSS selectors, and bring existing selectors into a project via the CSS Sucker feature.