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Join the Sass revolution with the new net magazine

Sass has matured from 'just' a preprocessor to a power tool that enables programming in CSS. Getting started is a straightforward process and there are major gains to be made from making the switch. In this issue, Roy Tomeij introduces Sass' brand new superpowers and provides some meaty examples that will motivate you to explore what Sass can do for you.

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Elsewhere in the magazine, Greg Hoy and Greg Storey of Happy Cog run through their most monumental business mess-ups so you can learn from their mistakes, Greg Baugues has advice for developers with depression and we interview Clearleft's Jeremy Keith.

In our projects section we have tutorials on transforming your website into a scalable, manageable single-page app (SPA), creating amazing data visualisations with D3, using smart colour swatches in Photoshop, making your content shine on any device with AngularJS, securing your web stack and much more.

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