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Every week seems to welcome a new batch of exciting new APIs. This issue, the net team asked Microsoft Edge's Patrick Kettner to list seven killer APIs – from Font Loading to Service Workers and Scroll Snap Points – sure to make your life as a web pro much easier, and improve the experience for your users.

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'What about everyone on older browsers?' I hear you ask. Fear not – Kettner has also listed some handy fallbacks to make sure everyone can play along.

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Plus, flip to the Second Feature, where Tim Holman runs through eight hidden CodePen gems you never knew about.

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Elsewhere in the mag ...

  • The team chat to Jeff Veen, co-founder of TypeKit and a key figure in web analytics, about how he made the journey from fonts to finance
  • Your guide to using Service Workers to serve content when your users are offline
  • Go behind the scenes to find out how Leo Burnett Melbourne created Reword, a spellchecker-style tool to help tackle online bullying
  • Learn how to prototype and interactive app in Atomic
  • 10 golden rules to remember when creating responsive SVGs

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Learn how to make your SVGs work for all devices

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