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Notism launches, offering visual design collaboration

Design feedback tool Notism has launched, providing a platform to review and communicate creative work, in a simple, streamlined manner.

Using the system, you can share creative content with team members and clients, and receive visual feedback immediately. It’s also possible to rapidly create clickable prototypes from design mock-ups.

CEO Jan Riecke told .net the product was created out of frustration about reviewing creative work. “There are often too many stakeholders and too many variations floating around. Messy communication over various channels can be huge time and cost drivers,” he said.

He added Notism was created to focus completely on the collaborative aspect of project workflow: “We asked ourselves how web workers are organising their workflow and how we can help them to make their lives easier. And in the field of collaboration, it's all about distribution, notification and iteration of data."

On distribution, Notism was designed to make it simple to upload files and attach comments. Notifications then appear in real-time when new activities occur, such as status changes and replies. You can also filter notes by categories while a task-management feature enables you to add tasks to Basecamp and Asana.

Although fresh out of beta, Riecke maintained Notism’s team still have plenty of ideas for further development: “We’re already focusing on the next stages. These will include the ability to sketch directly on uploaded content, share content more easily, and review and comment moving images directly on video timelines.”