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Why console browsers should be a big deal for web designers

If want to know about what's important in web design right now, you speak to Anna Debenham. A freelance front-end developer based in Brighton in the UK, she is a technical editor for A List Apart, co-producer of 24 ways, and was net magazine's Young Developer of the Year in 2013. Last year she wrote a book about front-end style guides. And when she's not playing on them, she's busy testing the browsers in game consoles.

While the proliferation of different screen-sizes is an issue that's at the front of most web designers' minds, designing for game consoles rarely gets a look-in. But this is a mistake, says Debenham, because a massive 19 per cent of people in the UK access the internet using a console.

In her talk at Generate London Anna Debenham will explain why it's time to look beyond desktop, mobile and tablet browsers.

Browsing on a console presents us with new challenges, such as designing for the 10-foot UI (interfaces designed to be usable at a distance of 10 feet), and building sites that could be interacted with using voice, gestures, a second-screen, or using a d-pad. Considering how your site will be used by people browsing from a console will not only benefit your current users, but will also prepare you for the impending onslaught of internet-enabled devices.

Generate London will take place on 26 September 2014 and has an outstanding speaker line-up, as well as other goodies