American Express reveals new brand identity

American Express new logo

American Express is one of the most instantly recognisable logo designs (opens in new tab) in the world. Yes, the fact that it has the company's name in big bold letters on it helps, but that iconic little blue box has become a symbol synonymous with AMEX. In fact, it's done its job so well since its inception in 1975 that it's remained the same ever since. 

Until now. 

For the first time in 37 years, AMEX has refreshed its visual identity, the design coming from Pentagram's Abbott Miller (opens in new tab). But why now? 

AMEX has refreshed its visual identity for the first time in 37 years

AMEX has refreshed its visual identity for the first time in 37 years

The refresh comes as part of the company's new global marketing campaign, called 'Powerful Backing: Don’t Do Business / Don’t Live Life Without It', which focuses on how deeply intertwined personal and work life can be, and the role that AMEX can play in supporting that. 

The little blue box

Now serving hundreds of millions of customers across the globe, one of the main goals of the campaign was to reinvigorate the identity and optimise it across various platforms. To achieve this, the design team paid close attention to the iconic blue box logo. 

First introduced in 1975, AMEX's little blue symbol is instantly recognisable, so the aim was to preserve – but enhance – its design. To do this, the radial gradient was removed and the letterforms that cross through the centre of the blue square were redrawn and finessed in order for it to render in a clean, concise way that functions at both a large and small scale. 

The classic outline of the lettering was also redrawn with a non-outlined version that operates outside of the box, a task undertaken by type designer Jeremy Mickel (opens in new tab), who made sure to stay true to the original design. 

The identity update also sees the introduction of an alternate mark for small-space digital use, such as Twitter and Instagram icons. This version of the blue box logo crops the larger wordmark to capture simply the 'AM EX'.

The project sought to retool AMEX's iconic blue box logo

The project sought to retool AMEX's iconic blue box logo

A number of other AMEX brand elements, including its distinctive Centurion and World Service pattern, have also been maintained and enhanced as part of the identity refresh.

The Pentagram website states: 'The new visual identity brings strength, simplicity, and rigour to the brand, extending a cohesive look and voice to American Express products, services and experiences.'

AMEX's distinctive Centurion has undergone a bit of a facelift

AMEX's distinctive Centurion has undergone a bit of a facelift

The overall campaign was a collaborative effort between mcgarrybowen (opens in new tab), Pentagram (opens in new tab), Ogilvy (opens in new tab), Mindshare (opens in new tab) and Digitas (opens in new tab). The advertising was directed by renowned director Lance Accord (opens in new tab), and the photography by award-winning photographer Matthieu Young (opens in new tab).

For more details on the AMEX project, head over to the Pentagram website (opens in new tab)

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