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The future of Apple keyboards could be detachable

Apple's patent of a detachable mouse built into the keyboard.
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's patents often cause a stir in the design and technology industry, and its latest is no different. The new patent suggests that the Apple MacBook or desktop keyboard and mouse could get a cutting edge update somewhere down the line. Suitably named the 'Deployable Key Mouse', the design shows a detachable mouse disguised as a key in the keyboard. 

The mouse hidden in the keyboard will supposedly double up as a functioning button and precision 'computer pointer device'. This design has the potential to grant creatives with flexibility on-the-go, minimise the hassle of carrying separate accessories and working on creative programmes with the trackpad. Seeing as this patent is only a week old, it's unlikely to be gracing our Macs anytime soon but in the meantime, you can find the best mouse for MacBook Pro and Air here. Also take a look at the best deals on smart keyboards for iPad.

Two designs of the Apple Keyboard patent.

The Apple mouse may have a Bond-like disguise as a key (Image credit: Apple)

The patent reveals that the mouse could have a 'position sensor' and 'provide a key-based typing input' meaning that it is to be subtly disguised in the bottom corner of the keyboard. The patent also suggests that it will be battery powered, which would (finally) eradicate the poorly placed charging port issue with the current Apple Magic Mouse

We love the idea of this gadget and the novelty of its keyboard camouflage, but we can't help but worry about whether the mouse may leave an unsatisfying gap in the keyboard (as seen above). Either way, it'll probably be better than the Magic Mouse design that annoyingly charges from the bottom. 

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