This watch is a designer's nightmare

Watch with rainbow spinning beach ball design.
(Image credit: TTT/Anicorn)

The spinning beach ball of death. A terrifying omen that threatens the existence of your latest project (and your sanity). In collaboration with watchmaker Anicorn, Japanese designer JK has created a brand new watch featuring the familiar spinning pinwheel - and it's straight out of our nightmares. But could the watch's positive spin on the dreaded symbol be enough to change our negative perceptions?

A harmonised blend of technology and stylistic design, the watch aims to make a symbol of terror into a playful contemporary timepiece. (If you're looking for a slightly smarter option, our collection of the lowest Apple Watch prices could save you some money on your latest purchase.)

New TTT watch featuring rainbow pinwheel design.

(Image credit: Anicorn/TTT)

Offsetting the bright rainbow hues of the pinwheel, the watch is finished in a cool space grey. With subdued luxury finishes including a mineral glass face, leather strap, and stainless steel hardware, it's as much about style and practicality, as it is fun design. In fact, with its clean details and sleek packaging, we'd say that the watch itself is a beautiful piece of horological art (despite its traumatic connotations.)

Mimicking the dreaded beach ball, the watch face spins thanks to internal bearings that give it a satisfying interactivity when shaken. The choice to incorporate movement into the watch design comes from a desire to evoke a sense of reflection for the wearer. "The spinning beach ball represents moments of transition and the promise of what's to come," says the brand on its website. "Each swirl represents the anticipation of what lies ahead, reminding wearers to embrace the present while looking towards the future."

Box for the new TTT 'spinning beach ball' watch

(Image credit: TTT/Anicorn)

The mastermind behind the timepiece is watch manufacturer Anicorn. As part of a side project called 'The Trio of Time' (TTT), the company commissioned a number of artists from across the globe, to create their own unique watch designs.  

The project is the "very first experimental world tour to explore how international creativity reinterprets the perception of time," says TTT. The creative brief is simple: "Each watch will feature a unique design that represents the designer’s view on passing time", and it is up to them how it's reflected in their creation.

We love that JK and TTT are trying to put a positive spin on the beach ball of doom, but it doesn't make the icon any less traumatic when it pops up on our screens. If you're after some more watch-based wares, check out Casio's twee timepieces that fit around your finger. 

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