The best Apple Watch Series 8 prices in December 2022

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You're in luck if you're looking for the lowest Apple Watch Series 8 prices around, as that's exactly what we're going to be bringing you on this page. Of course, the Apple Watch Series 8 only came out in September 2022, so it'd be good to manage your expectations when it comes to Apple Watch 8 prices. But if the 8 is anything like the 7 was, we expect some tasty Apple Watch Series 8 price action over the upcoming Black Friday retail event this November. 

But of course, as the Apple Watch Series 8 came out at the same time as the Apple Watch Ultra (known as the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro for a time), the Apple Watch 8 price may already be quite appealing to many. The Ultra is priced at $799/£849, and boasts more features than many smart phones, let alone smart watches. The Apple Watch Series 8 price is $399/£419 at retail, and that's only going to go down in the coming weeks and months. 

What do you get for that? Scroll down for all of the features, but safe to say, it has many that the Ultra has, and more than the already well-priced 7 (see our guide to the best Apple Watch Series 7 prices, or think about the best Apple Watch SE deals if you want a modern smart watch at an affordable price point). Money no object? Check out these Apple Watch Ultra prices

The best Apple Watch Series 8 prices today

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Apple Watch Series 8

The best (affordable) Apple Watch available right now.

Size: 41mm & 45mm | Chip : S8 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor | Always on screen: Yes | ECG and blood oxygen: Yes

Same cost as the Apple Watch 7
New skin temperature sensor
Updated crash detection
Low power mode = 36 hours use
Nothing at this price

Last year was not great for deal seekers on the then recently released Apple Watch 7, as stock issue meant that the price didn't much budge during the following months, and if there were any deals, they disappeared quickly. We're hoping for better when it comes to the Apple Watch Series 8 price. First of all, it's priced at the same retail price as the 7, though it comes with better features (see above). And (fingers crossed), if it doesn't suffer the same stock supply issues that the previous iteration did last year, and with Black Friday coming soon this November, we imagine there should be some good Apple Watch 8 price reductions on the horizon. 

But we still think that the current retail price of the watch is decent – especially when you consider the slightly crazy asking price for the Apple Watch Ultra. That's going for $799/£849, and even though it is the latest and greatest Apple Watch, that's an eye-watering asking price. The Apple Watch Series 8 price of $399/£419 on the other hand is positively cheap in comparison. 

When was the Apple Watch 8 released?

The Apple Watch Series 8 was released on 23 September 2022, alongside the new Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Ultra. It was priced the same as the original asking price of the Apple Watch Series 7 – $399/£419, though it has several new features. 

Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 8: What's the difference?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is priced the same as the Apple Watch Series 7 was on release – $399/£419. But there are a few differences between the two. Chief amongst them is that the Apple Watch Series 8 comes with skin temperature sensors and crash detection. Perhaps equally as innovative is the new low battery mode that can bulk up usage up to 36 hours. 

The skin temperature sensors will be great for those who want more stats on their cycling, or who want track their fertility more accurately. The crash detection will do exactly that. There are no real design differences, apart from the different strap colour options. 

Is there an Apple Watch 8 Pro?

Yes, but it's not called the Apple Watch 8 Pro. Instead, it's called the Apple Watch Ultra, and it really is something special... and comes with a price tag to match! $799/£849 to you... any takers?!

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