The best Apple Watch Ultra prices in October 2023

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Searching for the best Apple Watch Ultra prices? Then this guide is for you. The eighth-generation Apple Watch series was launched on 23 September 2022, and the Apple Watch Ultra model is arguably the best of them all, with some of the most advanced features of any Apple Watch to date. 

It offers a new ultra-rugged design, has the biggest and brightest display of any Apple Watch yet, and is packed full of features to suit pro athletes. But, being the best also means the Ultra is the most expensive Apple Watch on the market. The Series 9 is expected very soon, so we can hopefully forecast some deals and price cuts on the Ultra around this time, with extra speculation of an Ultra 2 model.

The best prices we're seeing on the Apple Watch Ultra tend to vary, but you can grab a 49mm model for around $779/£849 on Amazon. The lowest Amazon price we've ever seen was £765 in April, and $739 last November. The stock seems to be selling super fast right now, which can ultimately affect prices too. If you're not sold on Apple smartwatches, take a look at the best Apple Watch alternatives.

The lowest Apple Watch Ultra prices

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Apple Watch Ultra

The most high-tech Apple Watch on sale.

Size: 49mm | Chip : S7 dual-core processor | Always on screen: Yes | ECG and blood oxygen: Yes | Cellular: Yes | Brightness : Up to 2,000 nits

Most feature-rich watch to date
Big and bright display
Apple Watch 8 has similar features 

Although we can promise to find you the lowest Apple Watch Ultra prices on this page, as and when those Apple Watch Ultra deals go live, we also want to be totally honest and reiterate that Apple's mega watch is still less than a year old (only just), so we haven't seen many Apple Watch Ultra price reductions or bargains so far. 

That's not to say there won't be any price cuts following the next Apple Event, and with November's Apple Black Friday deals on the horizon, so we think there will be a few great Apple Watch Ultra price drops coming up soon. Especially if past Apple Watches are anything to go by, given that the Apple Watch Series 7 had some great Black Friday deals, but then there was a massive demand for that model, and stock vanished for a short time. 

We hope that's not going to happen with the Apple Watch Ultra, but we advise bookmarking this page and making the most of the Apple Watch Ultra deals as and when they come up, to avoid disappointment. 

How much is the Apple Watch Ultra?

The latest, biggest and best Apple Watch Ultra will set you back $799 in the US and £849 in the UK, depending on what retailer you buy it from. For that wad of cash you get the 49mm display with GPS and cellular (there is no GPS-only model). 

Considering that the other brand new Apple Watch 8 is currently on sale for $399/£419, and shares many of the Apple Watch Ultra's features (but not all), it's safe to say that the Apple Watch Ultra is not for everybody. But if you need the absolute best high-end, full-featured Apple Watch right now, it's the only one to get. 

Is the Apple Watch Ultra worth it?

That depends on what you want it for. If you want a smart watch to tell you the time, and not much more, then no. There are many cheaper smart watches (and not-so-smart watches) that will do the job. 

The Apple Watch Ultra is squarely aimed at sports nuts and fitness freaks. It has many amazing health and safety features that will be perfect if you're doing extreme sport in the wild. It also looks amazing with its big 49mm always on retina display, that has up to 2,000 nits brightness. 

What are the key selling points of the Apple Watch Ultra?

The 49mm Apple Watch Ultra comes with the most precise duel-frequency GPS to date, making it the Apple Watch for calculating distance, pace and precision map reading. It's brought in two speakers making calls and communication with Siri all that easier. 

Aiming itself at the most active amongst us, the Ultra has an 86-decibel siren that can be heard 180 metres away, and three smart mics that can pick up your voice even in windy, noisy environments. Add to that up to 2,000 nits of brightness, a depth gauge, a side button that holds a host of safety features, and the all-new customisable action button, and you've got a pretty impressive Apple Watch. As our five-star Apple Watch Ultra review details, this is one mightily impressive time-teller. 

When did the Apple Watch Ultra come out?

The Apple Watch Ultra was launched on Friday 23 September 2022, alongside the Apple Watch Series 8, and the newest Apple Watch SE. 

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