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The best Apple Watch Series 7 prices for Black Friday

Best Apple Watch Series 7 deals: A row of five watches
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The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced in 14 September by Apple, alongside the new iPhone 13, and immediately got headlines in the tech industry. This was mainly because it marked the first redesign of the Apple Watch since the Series 4 introduced 40mm and 44mm sizes. The Apple Watch Series 7 now boasts 41mm and 45mm (every mm helps!), so is officially the biggest Apple Watch yet. But there's more to it than its size. 

When the Apple Watch 7 got a release date of 15 October, it kept the rounded edges of the previous Watches, but with thinner bezels it boasted 20% more screen real-estate than its predecessor. Additionally, it recharges 33% quicker than the 6, and has a 70% brighter always on display indoors. These are all incremental additions and tweaks to the previous, excellent model, but they all add up to making the Apple Watch Series 7 the best Apple Watch so far.

Below you'll find the best Apple Watch 7 prices, but just to manage expectations, it's unlikely you'll find any massive deals right now. The Apple Watch 7 currently retails at $399/£369, and though it's possible that Black Friday may unearth some deals, if previous years are anything to go by they will be slight. Basically, if you see the Apple Watch 7 price go down at all, seriously consider snapping it up. 

If you're looking for great prices on the older Apple Watches, then check out our Apple Watch Black Friday deals page. Looking for more Apple products in general? See our guide to Apple Black Friday. But for now, here are the very best prices on the brand new Apple Watch Series 7. 

Best Apple Watch deals

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Apple Watch Series 7: price

We're not seeing a great deal of reductions on the Apple Watch 7, and for good reason. It's brand new, and by all accounts the best Apple Watch so far. The GPS versions of the Apple Watch retail at $399/£369 for the 41mm model, and $429/£399 for the 44mm version. The cellular versions (with internet access) come in at $499/£469 for the 41mm model and $529/£499 for the 44mm version

As we saw with the Apple Watch 6, there are also special editions on sale, including the Nike edition and Hermes edition, which bumps the price up quite a bit. 

Know which one you want to get? Below are your best options right now...

Apple Watch 7: release date

The Apple Watch 7 was announced on 14 September, alongside the iPhone 13, and has been available to buy since 15 October.

We've heard rumour that stock isn't exactly abundant running into Black Friday, so don't expect massive deals on the new model this November (but hopefully there will be plenty of options on the full-priced models). 

Apple Watch 7: display

The rumour mill had us believe that the Apple Watch 7 was going to be flat-edged, like the recent iPone 13, iPad Pro and iPad Air. However, Apple stuck with the curved edges, and provided thinner bezels at just 1.7mm. That results in a display that's 20% bigger than Apple Watch 6. 

All of that means that instead of the 40mm and 44mm options that came with the Apple Watch 6, the Apple Watch 7 ships out as 41mm and 45mm. The other notable differences in the new display is that it's 70% brighter indoors when in always-on mode, compared with the Apple Watch 6, and it's now big enough to feature a QWERTY keyboard, with the tap and drag technology of QuickPath. 

Apple Watch 7: specs

The Apple Watch 7 comes with Apple's S7 chip, with 32GB storage and a promise of 18 hours of battery life. So far, so Apple Watch 6, but what makes this iteration different is that the Apple Watch 7's battery will charge 30% faster than its predecessor, boasting an 80% charge in just 45 minutes.

This year's Watch also shares the same sensor as last year's, so you'll have to wait for the fabled blood pressure and glucometers features. You'll still be able to track your blood oxygen levels, ECG and heart rate, so it's still a solid smart watch for the fitness fans. 

Add to that the all new mindfullness app that comes with the Watch 7, and cycling fall detection and calorie burning calculator, and you've got the best Apple Watch to date. 

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